EXOFADE is an incredible trading indicator designed help give traders a visual clue of price momentum by combining Linear regression calculations with volume.

ExoFade is a unique and dynamic trading indicator designed for both beginner and professional traders. At its core, it uses a sophisticated blend of multiple linear regression analysis, incorporating price, time, and volume-weighted moving average (VWMA) to predict potential price movements. By analyzing these key factors, EXOFade offers an innovative approach to understanding market trends and identifying trade opportunities.

Why It Works:
ExoFade works by calculating a regression line that adapts to market conditions, factoring in both price trends and trading volumes. This approach provides a more nuanced view of market momentum, going beyond traditional price-only indicators. The inclusion of time as a variable offers unique insights into market dynamics, making ExoFade a valuable tool for various trading strategies.

Key Features to Look Out For:

Regression Line: The heart of ExoFade, offering visual cues about the market's direction.
ATR-Based Fade Levels: Utilizes Average True Range (ATR) to set dynamic levels that signal potential reversals or continuation. The indicator comes with three fade levels, which are described below
Alert Conditions: You can set up for alerts for when any of the fade levels have been been reached, indicating potential entry points.

What Are Fade Levels And How To Use The Enter Trades:

The exofade line always moves with price, this indicates that the current volume is moving in the same direction.
When you see the exofade start to move ahead of price. For example, in an Uptrend, if price stops making new highs and you see the exofade line continue moving up ahead of price as price stagnates, this is the first time that you should be expecting pull back or reversal. When the line starts to visibly curve, this when you want to enter the trade.

Sometimes, the exofade line will move just a little bit ahead of price, and sometimes it will move a clear distance ahead of price.
From my experience, the further ahead it moves from price without price keeping up, the higher the probability of a pullback or reversal.
The actual pullback then starts when the exofade line starts to curve, which signifies the start if the actual pullback.

Since we cannot sit and watch for when the line has either moved further ahead enough or started to curve, thats why i figured to use ATR as the best way to measure the distance the exofade line moves ahead of price and the ATR also happens to measure Volatility, which makes it a perfect match.

From forward testing this for months, i have found the pullbacks typically start when the exofade line has moved ahead of price by atleast 2 ATR's. A distance of 2 ATR and above are the ones i consider the best setups. This also marks the point for your stop loss, since 2 ATR is generally used stoploss level.

To catch and sell a pullback in an uptrend, you can set alert for one or both of these alerts
Fade Level 2 abv price - This alert will trigger once Exofade line reached 2 ATR ABOVE price (Just means it has reached 2 atr, dosent mean it has started curving yet)
Curve lvl 2 - SELL - This alert means the exofade line has started to curve at 2 ATR

To buy pullbacks in a downtrend you set the opposite alerts of the one above for curve below price

There are also same alerts for level 3 as well, which is 2.5 ATR

For daily and intra-day swings - Use this on 1hr trend upwards - The exofade line much slower on higher timeframe, so when you get a curve on a high time frame, like the 4HR or Daily timeframe, those are excellent signals

For scalpers trading 1hr below - The exofade moves faster on lower timeframes, so more caution should be used with these on lower timeframes , you this with other confluences like a good momentum oscillator oversold/overbought regions StochRSI, MACD etc

- Since the curve forms slower on higher time frames, it means getting a curve the on daily and weekly chart can help in your trend analysis to detect early signs of potential trend reversals
-I typically pair this with my customized version of Nadaraya watsons envelope ( a free indicator on tradingview) It will further improve your entry and winrate. Biggest advantage is for setting a profit target. In a buy trade for example, you buy the curve below price and set your profit target for the top band of the nadaraya watson envelope. Very efficient for scalping

- Unique areas were you want to pay attention to the exofade is when price enters points of interest, this depending on your trading style could be a
-FVG - fair value gaps
-Order blocks
- Supply / Demand areas
-Volume profile Value area High and Value area Low

The are two scenarios i would like you to be cautious of
1. As with every indicator and strategy, i most definitely wouldn't use this during high impact news.
2. If price is trending very strongly in one direction only, such that even barely gives any decent pull backs at all. Most especially if that strong push is happening between the 4hr to Daily time frame. Do not attempt to counter those trends unless you know what you are doing. Its not advisable.
Instead i'll recommend using the Exofade to catch an entry in the direction of the trade for a continuation.

And Lastly
Since this indicator uses VOLUME data as part of its calculations. It will not work on any pairs that tradingview does not provide volume data for, like Gold. But it will work normally on Gold Futures, since that has volume data

You are always 1 trade away from life changing profit.
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