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This is the correct script for Mondays
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study(title="Week",shorttitle="Monday", overlay=true)
nt = input('0930-1030', type=session, title="Not Trading")
nttime =  nt
bgPlot2 = (time(period, nttime))
bgcolor(bgPlot2 and  (dayofweek(time('D')) == monday)? yellow : na,transp=30,title="Time")


Awesome, simple but exactly what I was looking for, thanks
forexpirate Sianoden88
@Sianoden88, Thanks, I have one I have not published that shades out the hours that I am 'asleep' and not trading, or keeping an eye on the markets. The European sessions do horrible things to many pairs while I am sleeping in EST. I find AUDNZD to be the calmest overnight. Calmest being a relative idea.
forexpirate Sianoden88
@Sianoden88, And another thing, be sure that the exchange you are using is based in your time zone. I live in EST, so I will have to adjust the numbers to label Monday morning if I use SAXO, ICE etc exchanges for forex. Likewise, some instruments coming out of Chicago will also need adjusting.
TimFassbender forexpirate
@forexpirate, Hi forexpirate, wanted to create and indicator which shows me mondays just like you did. Tried to copy your script but it always marks Tuesdays. Could you maybe help me out ?
What does this do, exactly?