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I made a simple indicator for my friend to make it easy for him to find some trades.
Only take long positions when price is above 200 ema (white line) and supertrend is green, and only take short positions when price is below 200 ema (white line) and when supertrend is red.
A good place to enter or re enter is when the price touches the 21 ema (pink) or 50 ema (green), depending on how bullish or bearish you are. You can also use supertrend as a stop loss. Simple strategy that has an ok win rate.
Please be careful and always make up your mind after looking at the market as a whole and check for trend directions on longer time frames before making any trades.

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Release Notes:
I have updated this one by adding a secondary supertrend with ATR period set to 20 and ATR multiplier to 5. Combining these 2 supertrends can give you a clearer view of the trend direction. Use blue and purple as direction indication and green and red as potential entry. And keep in mind that this strategy doesn't work that well in sideways markets. Use the 200 EMA to ensure the trend direction. Only go long above the 200 EMA (white line) and only go short below the 200 EMA (white line).
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