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Library "TradingUtils"
Utility library for common trading functions

calcVariation(price, threshold)
  Calculates variation of a price based on a threshold
    price (float): (float) The price to be varied
    threshold (float): (float) The threshold for the variation
  Returns: (float) The varied price

sendAlert(action, symbol, orderType, quantity, message)
  Sends an alert message in JSON format
    action (string): (string) The action to be taken (e.g., "BUY", "SELL")
    symbol (string): (string) The trading symbol (e.g., "BTCUSDT")
    orderType (string): (string) The order type (e.g., "MARKET")
    quantity (float): (float) The quantity of the order
    message (string): (string) The message to be included in the alert

updateLine(condition, index, price, lineColor)
  Updates or creates a line on the chart
    condition (bool): (bool) Condition to check if the line should be updated or created
    index (int): (int) The current bar index
    price (float): (float) The price value for the line
    lineColor (color): (color) The color of the line
  Returns: (line) The updated or newly created line
Release Notes:

executeOnceAndBlock(condition, blockBars)
  Executes an action once and blocks it for a specified number of bars
    condition (bool): (bool) Condition to check if the action should be executed
    blockBars (int): (int) Number of bars to block the execution after the action is executed
  Returns: (bool) True if the action is executed, false otherwise
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