Win Every Time: Hacolt + 3 MA's [STR]

This Strategy Script combines the HACOLT Indicator with three Moving Averages and combines it into one Strategy Script.
The Settings are optimized for Bybit BTCUSD Perpetual Futures on the 5 Minutes Timeframe, but can be adjusted for multiple Assets and Timeframes.

1) The 3 Moving Averages are giving the main entry signals and the hacolt indicator gives the confirmation to enter a trade.
2) You can choose between different MA types, length and source (I use 50/100/200 EMA, source on close).
3) Make sure to play around with the option "lookback for pullback into fast MA"; the lower the number, the stricter the entry conditions get.

With this script you can choose to trade only within specific sessions and/or on specific days, and if you choose to eg. dont open any trades on the weekend, you have the option to close the position when the weekend starts, or leave the option disabled to let the trade run until its target or stop loss gets hit.

There are some additional filter options:
1) The ADX filter: you can choose between normal or strict filter mode, it has 3 different ADX types for calculation and different ADX Line Types.
2) The flat market filter: choose between different Moving Average Types, the moving average needs to be above a chosen level to confirm the entry signal.
3) the volume flow filter.

Choose the ATR Length, the Stop Loss Method (ATR / Percentage), choose between one or two tage profit targets.
Take Profit Method and Distande: Choose between ATR, Percentage or Risk Reward Ratio.
You can enable a Trailing Take Profit, for example close 50% of your position after the first take profit target is hit, set your stop loss to breakeven and let the trade run until you get stopped out by the trailing stop loss.

Enable the Alerts Function to for example connect this Script to your 3 Commas DCA Bots.

You can make most of the entry and confirmation signals visible by enabling the "Show Signals"-options.

You can directly show the Backtesting Results directly on your Chart by enabling the Option "Draw Tester" at the End of the Inputs Section.
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