Gann Static Square of 9

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Gann Static Square of 9

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This script uses the same number series in the square of nine chart. It plots them according to the degree of your choosing. It includes ( 360, 315, 270, 225, 180, 135, 90, and 45 )

This static square of 9 is different than the dynamic one. The values always start at one rather than a low or a high of your choosing. All that you have to do is adjust the Price Unit and select your desired number of revolutions.

You will also be able to adjust the color of each line to differentiate between them.

This script also complements the Gann ToolBox that I have on my tradingview page giving you good measurement of the market and some of its volatility dates and locations in price.

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To get access to this add-on or for the full package including the toolbox you can see my information below.
Release Notes:
V1.1 :-

This upgrade includes :
1. Bug fixes
2. The ability to show a text next to the level identifying the angle and the price level.
Release Notes:
v1.15 :
Improved user interface
Release Notes:
V1.15 - V1.22
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( October 08, 2021 )
1. Migration to Pine V5
2. Enhanced UI
3. Bug fixes

Summery : This upgrade addresses the reprinting bug with the labels at each new candle. We also migrated the code to Pine V5 which is essential for potential future development. Slightly improved UI to make the script a bit more intuitive.
Release Notes:
V1.22 - V1.30
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( March 27, 2022 )
1. Bug fixes
2. interactive UI
3. Time static square of 9 levels
4. Activate horizontal and vertical levels individually or together! you have full control.

Summery : This upgrade is intended to make the script more usable by adding interactive features. You don't need to input your time level manually, just drag a line and place it at time level!
Release Notes:
V1.30 - V1.31
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( March 27, 2022 )
1. Time Unit : a new input field to allow users to control the vertical static square of 9 more interdependently to the horizontal lines if they wanted to. ( requested by a user )

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