Cyatophilum 3Commas DCA Bot Backtester

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An indicator to backtest and automate 3Commas DCA Bots.



The indicator allows you to replicate your bot settings and get backtest results from the Strategy Tester and also a backtest panel with additional information on the safety orders.
You can also create alerts for each of the strategy events.


Choose a symbol that corresponds to your bot pair and exchange.

Pick a chart time frame as small as possible, usually 1 minute. The timeframe should always be smaller or equal to the deal start conditions timeframes.

Always use regular candle type.

Configure your deal start condition. You can combine several technical indicators to trigger an entry using a AND logical gate.

Configure your profit target
Use the Take Profit feature to set a target in percentage of price. You can also make it trail.
There is also a Stop Loss feature that is turned off by default.

Configure your safety orders
Replicate the safety orders from your bot into the indicator inputs.

Check your backtest parameters
Make sure that the initial capital and order size make sense. Since it is a pyramiding strategy with safety orders, the sum of all deals should not be bigger than the initial capital.
In this example: Initial capital is 0.02 BTC, which around 600$. I used 1000$ to be safe.
If you use % equity as order size, please note that it will create compounding.
Check the fees, by default they are set to 0.1%.
I also recommend to set a slippage that corresponds to your exchange's spread.


 • Strategy direction
Configure wether to go long or short.

 • Deal Start Conditions
The current conditions available are:
 - Up to 4 MTF Trading View ratings conditions (Buy/Sell, Strong Buy/Sell)
 - Up to 4 MTF RSI with configurable start conditions (Less/Greater than, Crossing Up/Down)
 - Up to 2 MTF Ultimate Oscillator with configurable start conditions (Less/Greater than, Crossing Up/Down)
 - MTF BB%-20-1 (length-deviation) with configurable start conditions (Less/Greater than, Crossing Up/Down)
 - MTF BB%-20-2 (length-deviation) with configurable start conditions (Less/Greater than, Crossing Up/Down)
 - Up to 2 MTF TA presets with the following options (Bollinger Bands, MFI, CCI, MACD, PSAR, SMA crosses, Heikin Ashi)

 • Stop Loss and Take Profit
Configure your stop loss and take profit for long and short trades.
You can also make a trailing take profit.

 • DCA (Safety orders)
Create up to 100 safety orders with configurable options for step and volume scaling, take profit from total volume, base and safety order size.

 • Backtest Settings
Choose a backtest period, longs or shorts, wether to use limit orders or not.

A Configuration panel with all the indicator settings, useful for sharing/saving a strategy.
A Backtest Results panel with additional information from the strategy tester.


The indicator is using the alert() calls: it only uses 1 alert slot to send order messages for each event (Long/Short entry, stop loss, take profit, safety order). This means free TV plans can create 1 complete strategy.

To set your alert messages, open the indicator settings and scroll to the bottom of the "inputs" tab.

Create your alert after you set the messages in the indicator settings, and make sure "Any alert() function call" is set in the alert option.


The backtest settings used in this snapshot are the following:
  • Initial Capital: 1000€
  • Order size: 0.003 BTC
  • Commission: 0.1 % per order
  • Slippage : 1 tick

Please read the author instructions below for access.
Release Notes:
Added advanced parameters:
- Daily volume filter
- Minimum/Maximum price filter
- Cooldown between deals
Release Notes:
Added a Trailing Stop feature
Release Notes:
Very important update:
Fixed repainting for the "TradingView" condition
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Updated alert inputs
Release Notes:
Added alert placeholders:
{price} will return the close price
{ticker} symbol name without exchange prefix
{tickerid} symbol name with exchange prefix
Release Notes:
Added "asap" entry
Release Notes:
- Updated Inputs
- Added Take Profit Conditions
TA Presets, TradingView, RSI, ULT, BB%
Note: the take profit type 'from total volume' or 'from base order' is set the DCA section.
- Updated Backtest panel
Release Notes:
bug fixes: short SL and TP conditions error
Release Notes:
Updated Indicators for deal start and TP conditions in order to comply with 3C bots current settings:
Ultimate Oscillator
Bollinger Bands B%
MA Cross
Average Directional Index
Parabolic SAR
Money Flow Index (MFI)
Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
Heikin Ashi
Release Notes:
Fixed a bug with the stochastic entry condition

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