Gann Seasonal Dates V1.1

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Gann Seasonal Dates

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This script helps you spot important events in the market using Gann seasonal dates and cycles

This script inludes 4 major seasonal dates and 6 minor seasonal dates. All of which are very powerful if you are a time trader.

This script also complements the Gann ToolBox that I have on my tradingview page giving you good measurement of the market and some of its volatility dates.

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To get access to this add-on or for the full package including the toolbox you can see my information below.
Release Notes:
Gann Seasonal Dates V1.3 comes with these new features :
1. ability to enable/disable major and minor dates.
2. ability to enable/disable some major or some minor dates.
Release Notes:
Updates/Upgrades :-
1. Bug fixes
2. Adding Alerts functionality

In order for you to be alerted when a seasonal date major or minor hits, scroll down the scripts menu and click on add alert to Gann Seasonal Dates.
Then select "Open-Ended"
And create.
That's it!
Release Notes:
Bug fixes with the alert mode.
Release Notes:
v1.5 :
1. Alarms fix.
2. Improved user interface
Release Notes:
V1.6 :
1. recoded.
2. more styling options
3. up to a max of 50 years or gann seasonal dates data! an option to select, how many years back you want to view!
( if you are using the free basic plan then I recommend using 5, other plans should work fine with 20, if you want to view the full 50 then one-two dates can plotted )
the limitation here happens because of the processing power than you can use. review : for technical details.
Release Notes:
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( October 08, 2021 )
1. Migration to Pine V5
2. short-title addition

Summery : This is a small upgrade that only moves the code from Pine V4 to Pine V5. Nothing in the script is changed and the functionality is still the same. Adding a short title to make it appear cleaner on your chart. The version number will only appear before applying the script to your chart. As we explore Pine V5 we will try to explore its features to make this script runs more efficiently.

Version change : V1.6 -> V1.61

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