Truenomic's Volume Breakout

An indicator that determines the breakout of the standard deviation of volume over a certain period.
Release Notes: Added levels function.
Release Notes: Updated color scheme.
Release Notes: Optimized the standard deviation value.
Release Notes: Added experimental future.
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This is extremely cool, two questions for you. 1) Do the circles print on the candle close or in real-time? 2) Is it reliable on all timeframes? Thanks for making this and releasing it to the public, I'm sure we all appreciate it.
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truenomic SheUsedtoBeBad
@SheUsedtoBeBad, thank you! 1/ real-time; 2/ personally prefer lower timeframe for scalping.
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Nice work!
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truenomic Trading_Hill
@Trading_Hill, thanks!
Nice script, would be great to add volume spike alerts.. i tried using price greater/less than chars, but it wont trigger all alerts