Blockunity Pivot Identifier (BPI)

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Introducing BPI, the all-in-one indicator that highlights points of interest on the chart of any asset, whether extreme or intermediate price levels. With its automatic support and resistance level detection, the BPI becomes an essential tool for placing orders in advance. In addition, its comprehensive panel provides crucial information on the All-Time High (ATH) and All-Time Low (ATL) of the selected asset. Boost your trading performance with BPI and enter a world of precision and efficiency.

Usage Advice
There are no specific guidelines for this indicator. It works on all time units and all assets. We still recommend using your chart in linear for better visualization, but this is optional.

The Different Elements
On your chart, you can find :
  • The All Time High (highest historical level) and the All Time Low (lowest historical level) of the asset.
  • The intermediate All Time High and Low. By default, this value is set at 52 weeks. In general, the 52 week high represents a resistance level, while the 52 week low is a support level. These periods are configurable in the indicator settings. For example, by putting '30' in the 'Intermediate All Time Lookback' field and '1 day' in the 'Intermediate All Timeframe' field, the intermediate ATH and ATL will be calculated based on the last 30 days.
  • The levels X% lower than the intermediate ATH and X% higher than the intermediate ATL. By default, the value of -25% can be considered as resistance, and the value of +30% can be considered as support. These two values are also configurable in the parameters.
  • Support and Resistance levels.
Release Notes:
Graph Update
Release Notes:
  • Better labelling
  • Changes in Fibonacci extension levels to more relevant ones
  • Minor adjustments
Release Notes:
  • Intermediate All Time X% Lines are no longer displayed by default.
  • It is now possible to set your own Fibonacci retracement and extension levels.
  • It is now possible to use a customized period for the Fibonacci plot (this can be activated in the parameters).
  • Better formatting of data in the table.
  • New data table design. Moreover, it is now fully configurable.
Release Notes:
  • Fixed a display problem that could occur in some cases when using a Fibonacci extension in a custom period.
Release Notes:
  • Addition of ATH and ATL dates.
  • Improved display of different lines when a custom period is selected.
  • Corrected a problem displaying positive/negative signs in the table when an asset is making a new ATH or ATL.
Release Notes:
  • We have removed Fibonacci, as it duplicated what we offer in Blockunity Fibonacci Score (BFS).
  • We have added automatic detection of Supports and Resistances. The detected levels are completed by labels indicating the downside or upside required to reach the level. Several elements can be configured in the parameters (see tooltips for help).
  • The layout of the parameters has been revised.
  • ATH and ATL are now better displayed on small time units.
  • Some parameter values are now hidden for better readability.
  • Added a version number at the end of parameters.
Release Notes:
  • Addition of a parameter to modify the period to be taken into account for the calculation of Supports/Resistances. Defaulted at 500, it may be useful to reduce it for assets with less history or for use on time units greater than Daily.
Release Notes:
Addition of an alerting system. This alert can be activated by setting the condition "Blockunity Pivot Identifier (BPI)" and selecting "Any alert() function call". The alerts sent are as follows:
  • New ATH or ATL.
  • New intermediate ATH or ATL.
Release Notes:
  • Change default display (Supports and Resistors only).
Release Notes:
  • Added a parameter to modify labels size.
Release Notes:
  • Gap Detector (BGD) merges with Pivot Identifier (BPI) !
  • Added selector to switch between French and English languages.
  • Gap detection integrated.
  • Improved parameter control.
  • Global deisgn improvements.

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