Harmonic Pattern Educational Volume 1 (Source Code)

This indicator was intended as educational purpose only for Harmonic Patterns using XABCD Pattern Tool.
This indicator was build upon Harmonic Trading : Volume One, which was continuation from The Harmonic Trader, written by Scott M Carney.

From the previous build, only Gartley and Butterfly were explained ideally based on The Harmonic Trader.

For this buid, Gartley and Butterfly were further refined and additional patterns such as Bat, Crab and Deep Crab were born based on Harmonic Trading : Volume One.
Explaination was similar to previous build. In addition, Perfect Patterns are added except for Deep Crab.

Indikator ini bertujuan sebagai pendidikan sahaja untuk Harmonic Pattern menggunakan XABCD Pattern Tool.
Indikator ini dibina berdasarkan buku Harmonic Trading : Volume One, juga sambungan daripada The Harmonic Trader, ditulis oleh Scott M Carney.

Berdasarkan binaan lepas, cuma Gartley dan Butterfly diterangkan secara ideal berdasarkan The Harmonic Trader.

Untuk binaan ini, Gartley dan Butterfly telah dihalusi dan pattern tambahan seperti Bat, Crab and Deep Crab telah lahir berdasarkan Harmonic Trading : Volume One.
Penerangan yang sama berdasarkan binaan lepas. Tambahan, Perfect Pattern telah ditambah kecuali untuk Deep Crab.

Indicator features :
1. List XAB=CD patterns including ratio and reference page.
2. For desktop display only, not for mobile.

Kemampuan indikator :
1. Senarai XAB=CD pattern termasuk ratio and rujukan muka surat.
2. Untuk paparan desktop sahaja, bukan untuk mobile.


1. Credits / Kredit
Scott M Carney, Harmonic Trading : Volume One

2. Pattern and Chapter involved / Pattern dan Bab terlibat
Bullish Ideal Bat - Page 72
Bearish Ideal Bat - Page 83
Bullish Perfect Bat - Page 91
Bearish Perfect Bat - Page 94
Bullish Ideal Gartley - Page 99
Bearish Ideal Gartley - Page 106
Bullish Perfect Gartley - Page 115
Bearish Perfect Gartley - Page 118
Bullish Ideal Crab - Page 123
Bearish Ideal Crab - Page 130
Bullish Perfect Crab - Page 143
Bearish Perfect Crab - Page 146
Bullish Ideal Deep Crab - Page 137
Bearish Ideal Deep Crab - Page 140
Bullish Ideal Butterfly - Page 150
Bearish Ideal Butterfly - Page 158
Bullish Perfect Butterfly - Page 163
Bearish Perfect Butterfly - Page 166

3. Code Usage / Penggunaan Kod
Free to use for personal usage but credits are most welcomed especially for credits to Scott M Carney.
Bebas untuk kegunaan peribadi tetapi kredit adalah amat dialu-alukan terutamanya kredit kepada Scott M Carney.

Ideal / Perfect Bat

Ideal / Perfect Gartley

Ideal / Perfect Crab

Ideal Deep Crab

Ideal / Perfect Butterfly

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