RSI/MFI Ultimate MA


Today, I want to discuss a special indicator that I've developed. centers around a weighted moving average based on RSI/MFI.

1. Development Purpose

The primary goal of this indicator is to provide clearer insights into bullish and bearish signals in the market. It applies a weight to the RSI (Relative Strength Index) and MFI (Money Flow Index) values to offer more sensitive and predictive trend signals than traditional moving averages.

2. Usefulness

This indicator aids traders in identifying market volatility and bullish or bearish trends more easily. It is particularly responsive to market volatility, providing more accurate information for trading decisions.

3. Real-World Usage Examples
When applied to actual market data, this indicator clearly delineates bullish or bearish sections with its weighted moving average line. For instance, an upward trending moving average line indicates a bullish signal, while a downward trend suggests bearish momentum.

4. Meaning of Parameter Values

option: Allows choosing between RSI or MFI, each analyzing different market signals.
osc_len: Adjusting the oscillator length alters sensitivity.
ma_len: Setting the moving average length helps to modulate responsiveness to market fluctuations.
weight: Changing the weight fine-tunes the sensitivity of the moving average line.
By adjusting these parameters, the indicator can be customized to suit various market conditions.

Wishing you a successful trading day. Thank you!
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