DeltaPrint Candles SpacemanBTC

DeltaPrint Candles SpacemanBTC

This is a tool that ive made that will be very useful to all types of traders. Orderflow based or price action based by providing a means to deliver both on tradingview.
Using a calculation of time volume and ticks, the display is created with a bid and ask for display functionality to show the influence of players in the market.

The tool will be a useful way to determine the levels of which a point is interacted with by the number of traders participating at that level.
This will help determine with a statistical representation in numerical form, the number of buyers and sellers being stopped out or trapped at any level specifically key support and resistance areas.
Ticksize is used to determine the amount of data generated, the lower the more information will be provided on the current candle. Using AutoTickSize will do this automatically accounting for recent volatility .
Therefore when using and new, use auto, to switch between charts with ease. On charts that you always keep open it is recommended to manually tune ticksize to your choosing.

To generate the data the candle is show on the left of the footprint in normal candle stick form but then displays the statistical values to the side to show relative participation.
The logic is to provide a better method to show the importance of potential levels, regularly works really well on swing highs and lows/liquidity sweeps.

The indicator also has the ability to show only the delta if that is your preference, the above is to show the full capabilities of generating data.

One more display type, similar to the delta ladder.
Increased Look back period with stacks.

Release Notes: Updated Name to Deltaprint Candles in the code
Release Notes: Updating chart to match the new name! Thank you tradingview for helping me here!
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