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Lorentzian ML

Context: The whole idea of this indicator is to use the Lorentzian Classifier (a popular machine learning model suited for analyzing data in a time series) , add some oscillators and filter them with volume averages in order to get precise swing move indications.

The Lorentzian ML indicator uses the Lorenzian Classifier (LDC) algorithm that takes into account the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) signals as raw material to provide buy and sell signals. The indicator is accompanied by take profit , stop loss and entry lines based on the Average True Range (ATR).

1. Lorentzian Classifier:
Uses the difference between the current and previous values of CCI and RSI to generate buy and sell signals.
The classifier threshold can be adjusted using the input parameter.

2. ATR-based Take Profit Line:
A horizontal take profit line is plotted when buy or sell signals occur.
The line is based on the ATR value and a user-defined multiplier.

3. VMA filtering
Using the simple switches: Scalper, Swing or Holder , the users can easily filter the frequency of the signals in addition to the lookback and threshold filters. This will affect the used VMA lines that use data gathered from multiple timeframes.

Visual Representation:

  • The indicator plots green candles for buy signals and red candles for sell signals.
  • Buy and sell labels are displayed on the chart to mark the points where signals occur.
  • The ATR-based take profit line is displayed in a user-defined color and line width.
  • Visual representation of the VMA lines : Red - bearish , Blue - uncertain , Green - bullish

Changes and features to come
  • Fix "holder" switch on sell side that sometimes bugs the whole chart.
  • Add more intuitive filtering methods.
  • Add two more oscillators to the Lorentzian pool.
  • Create switches for Lorentzian source.

Release Notes:
Update 1.0

- Cleared some functional bugs
- Added alerts for Buy and Sell side
- Added the possibility to show/hide the any of the following individually: entry, take profits and the stop loss (SL disabled by default).
- Added up to 5 profit targets
- The out of the box settings are more consistent
- Added some tooltips
Release Notes:
-Alert fix on Buy and Sell
-Added alert for both Buy and Sell at the same time
Release Notes:
Added ADX filter (Good for lower TF)
Added MACD Filter (good for higher TF)
Fixed some minor bugs
Release Notes:
Quick fix on alerts not being posted properly.
Release Notes:
Added repaint protection on signals and alerts

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