[e2] Bitcoin Halving Key & Avwap

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This indicator shows a Key Level Support & Resistance level and VWAP that reset on your choice of the Bitcoin's halving date.

Optional Key Calculation Mode:
- Start with first (2012) or second (2016) halving date.
- Start with first and reset on the second (Halving to halving mode)
- Start with every next halving simultaneously (Halving + halving mode)

Labels show the Market Capitalization, total minted Bitcoins and Bitcoin's close price on the halving's date.

A maximum of 5 bands calculated using a factor of the anchored VWAP's standard deviation can be displayed.

- The script is designed for Bitcoin markets only.
- Estimated 3rd halving, script will be updated when next halving occurs.
Release Notes:
- Halving 2020 update
- Code Updated to the latest Pinescript Coding Conventions (www.pinecoders.com/coding_conventions/)

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