DepthHouse BTC Momentum Oscillator [BTC MO]

NOTE: Only Works on BTC .
All testing was done on 1hr Timeframe
This is a experimental indicator - use at your own risk.

DepthHouse BTC Momentum Oscillator is an advanced tool to help determine Bitcoin Market Momentum.

---BTC MO SIgnals---
Signal Line: Generally, if the Signal Line is greater than 0, then there is more bullish momentum in the market
Tops & Bottoms: Signals used to help spot where BTC momentum may have topped or bottomed out
Possible Divergences: Used to help spot possible reversals on continuous trends

---oh92's Preset Setting---
Scalper: (20,11,17,6) Very reactive settings that I use while day trading. However, faster settings generally increase the chance of false signals(20,11,17,6)
Swing Trader: (5,25,55,10) Greatly reduces noise for my longer time trades. Generally makes 'tops' and 'bottoms' more accurate. Which can be a huge advantsge in spoting an earnly trend reversal
Custom: Allows user adjustments of all settings

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Bearish Divergences
  • Bullish Divergences
  • Signal Line Crossovers

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Heyo! Just discovering your work. Color me impressed! Would love to give this script a spin if it's still available. Excite to try it out!!
Please allow me to use this, Thank you
look'n great!
Hi! I'm really curious to meet this script.
Would you please share it? Thanks

Please let me test
Hello, can you allow access to see the effect, and then decide whether to start according to the effect, just a few days, thank you
@W866, definitely! you have access to all of DepthHouse Indicators for 30 days!
hope you enjoy! please feel free to message me with any questions!
If you can let me use it, the effect
very interesting to try