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The "Investor Satisfaction/Price Divergence" is an indicator designed to quantify investor satisfaction and pinpoint potential price divergences.
The primary goal of this indicator is to provide a reliable tool for gauging investor sentiment and identifying price divergences. These insights can be instrumental in predicting possible market trend reversals.

Key Features

  • Calculation of the highest and lowest prices over a user-defined period.
  • Computation of the average satisfaction of investors who have invested over a user-defined period.
  • Normalization of average satisfaction between 0 and 1 to provide a standardized measure of investor sentiment.
  • Identification of price divergence between the normalized satisfaction and the actual asset price.
  • Detection of anomalies in satisfaction change, which can suggest unusual market conditions.
  • Plotting an histogram display of the difference between normalized satisfaction and price divergence.

Functionality Analysis:

This indicator begins by identifying the highest and lowest prices over a period defined by the user. It then calculates the average investor satisfaction based on the change in the closing price from the investment point to the current price, relative to the range between the highest and lowest prices.
This satisfaction measure is then normalized between 0 and 1, providing a uniform measure of investor sentiment. The indicator also identifies potential price divergence by comparing the normalized satisfaction with the normalized price. This divergence is then plotted as a histogram, with the color of the histogram bars indicating whether the market is oversold, overbought, or in a normal state. Anomalies in satisfaction change are highlighted, helping traders to spot unusual market behavior.

Trading Application

The "Investor Satisfaction & Price Divergence" indicator can be incorporated into a variety of trading strategies. A significant divergence between normalized satisfaction and the asset price can signal a potential market reversal. Additionally, a sudden drop or rise in investor satisfaction could indicate a sell-off or a buying spree, respectively. Additionally, the capability to spot irregularities in satisfaction change may be useful in recognizing unusual market conditions, possibly providing early indications of noteworthy market events

Please note that the investor Satisfaction/Price Divergence by Ox_kali is provided for educational purposes only and is not meant to constitute financial advice. Thi indicator is not a guarantee of future market performance and should be used in conjunction with proper risk management. Always ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the indicator’s methodology and its limitations before making any investment decisions. Additionally, past performance is not indicative of future results.
Release Notes:
Update of short-term data

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