QQE (Quantative Qualitative Estimation) MT4 Version by Roman Ignatov
Another indicator from MT4 to pinescript, from a google search i found the that the original author is unknown and its best used for volatile pairs /JPY
yellow line is a smoothed rsi,
red line "slow trailing stop" is the ATR smoothing with a 14-periods wilders smoothing function that is multiplied by a factor of 4.236
Also big thanks to BlindFreddy, i used part of his supertrend indicator to make it work
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//By Glaz
study("QQE MT4")
RSI_Period = input(14,title='RSI')
SF = input(5,title='Slow Factor')

Wilders_Period = RSI_Period * 2 - 1

Rsi = rsi(close,RSI_Period)
RsiMa = ema(Rsi, SF)
AtrRsi = abs(RsiMa[1] - RsiMa)
MaAtrRsi = ema(AtrRsi, Wilders_Period)
dar = ema(MaAtrRsi,Wilders_Period) * QQE

DeltaFastAtrRsi= dar
newshortband=  RSIndex + DeltaFastAtrRsi
newlongband= RSIndex - DeltaFastAtrRsi
longband=RSIndex[1] > longband[1] and RSIndex > longband[1]?
shortband=RSIndex[1] < shortband[1] and  RSIndex < shortband[1]?
 min(shortband[1], newshortband):newshortband
trend=cross(RSIndex, shortband[1])?1:cross(longband[1], RSIndex)?-1:nz(trend[1],1)
FastAtrRsiTL = trend==1? longband: shortband