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This is a automatic scanner for well know patterns like Head and Shoulder to get started. I'm planning to add more patterns in the near future. It works as follows:

1. Is going to plot the pattern on the chart, lines in blue
2. Is going to show you when the pattern has finished to form, triangles and diamonds
3. It is possible to get an alert when the pattern has form

For example: is going to give a possible entry when the price has broken the trend line of the two shoulders if we take the Head and Shoulder pattern as an example.
Please let me know in the comments if you would like to have more patterns.

This versions supports:
1. Head And Shoulder Pattern
- Show possible entries when the trend formed by the shoulders has been broken

2. Bat Harmonic Pattern
- Show Possible Reversals Zones in green or red boxes

- Alerts when any pattern has form


Next Versions:

- All the harmonic patterns
- Triangles
- Elliot Waves impulses
- Double Top and Bottom
- Triple top and bottom
- Rising and Falling Wedge
- The cup and the handle, etc
- ABCD pattern

Let me know in the comments if you are interested in something like this so I CAN GIVE YOU ACCESS. I'll appreciate your feedback.

Release Notes:

- Fixed the repainting warning within alerts. Now you can have alerts without any problem.
Release Notes:
Version 2.0

- Changed the pattern parameter to a drop-down list
- Fixed some performance issues
Release Notes:
Version 2.1

- Added "Alternate Bat" harmonic pattern support
- Optimized the code from 1956 lines to 885 lines
- For Bat normal patterns there will be a warning if that pattern could be a "Alternate Bat" in the future if the price keeps going to the same direction.
Release Notes:
Version 2.2

Support for the following harmonic patterns:
- Butterfly
- Gartley
- Cypher
- Crab
- Deep Crab
Release Notes:
- Fixed the non free message to not showing for the pro scanner version
Release Notes:
v 2.22
- Fixed the message for pro version
Release Notes:
Added variance as a new input. The default value is 3%.
Release Notes:
Performance enhancements

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