[RS]Tapestry Weaver V0

EXPERIMENTAL:Time, Fibs and Linear regression
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study(title='[RS]Tapestry Weaver V0', shorttitle='TW', overlay=true)
f_falling_linear_regression(_src, _window)=>
    _h = highest(_src, _window)
    _h_fractal = _src[1] >= _h[1] and _src < _h
    _h0h = valuewhen(_h_fractal, _src[1], 0)
    _h1h = valuewhen(_h_fractal, _src[1], 1)
    _h0n = valuewhen(_h_fractal, n[1], 0)
    _h1n = valuewhen(_h_fractal, n[1], 1)
    _price_range = _h0h < _h1h ? _h0h-_h1h : _price_range[1]
    _bar_range = _h0h < _h1h ? _h0n-_h1n : _bar_range[1]
    _step = _price_range/_bar_range
    _return_regression = _h0h+(_step*(n-_h0n))
    [_h0h, _step, _return_regression]

f_rising_linear_regression(_src, _window)=>
    _l = lowest(_src, _window)
    _l_fractal = _src[1] <= _l[1] and _src > _l
    _l0l = valuewhen(_l_fractal, _src[1], 0)
    _l1l = valuewhen(_l_fractal, _src[1], 1)
    _l0n = valuewhen(_l_fractal, n[1], 0)
    _l1n = valuewhen(_l_fractal, n[1], 1)
    _price_range = _l0l > _l1l ? _l0l-_l1l : _price_range[1]
    _bar_range = _l0l > _l1l ? _l0n-_l1n : _bar_range[1]
    _step = _price_range/_bar_range
    _return_regression = _l0l+(_step*(n-_l0n))
    [_l0l, _step, _return_regression]

f_lr_rising(_n_start, _l, _h, _step)=>_return = na(_return[1]) ? 0 : n < _n_start ? _l : _return[1] > _h ? _l : _return[1]+_step
f_lr_falling(_n_start, _l, _h, _step)=>_return = na(_return[1]) ? 0 : n < _n_start ? _h : _return[1] < _l ? _h : _return[1]+_step

window = input(title='Lookback Window:', type=integer, defval=3)
grid_size = input(title='Grid Multiplier', type=float, defval=1)
USE_ALT_MAX = input(title='Box Maximum, (<0 = uses price High Appex):', type=float, defval=-1)
USE_ALT_MIN = input(title='Box Minimum, (<0 = uses price Low Appex):', type=float, defval=-1)
[_, l_step, _] = f_rising_linear_regression(low, window)
[_, h_step, _] = f_falling_linear_regression(high, window)
la_step = cum(l_step)/(n+1)
ha_step = cum(h_step)/(n+1)
high_extreme = USE_ALT_MAX >= 0 ? USE_ALT_MAX : na(high_extreme[1]) ? high : high >= high_extreme[1] ? high : high_extreme[1]
low_extreme = USE_ALT_MIN >= 0 ? USE_ALT_MIN : na(low_extreme[1]) ? low : low <= low_extreme[1] ? low : low_extreme[1]

r00 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(1, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r01 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(2, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r02 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(3, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r03 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(5, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r04 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(8, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r05 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(13, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r06 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(21, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r07 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(34, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r08 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(55, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r09 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(89, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r10 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(144, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r11 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(233, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r12 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(377, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r13 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(610, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))
r14 = f_neg_na(f_lr_rising(987, low_extreme, high_extreme, la_step))

f00 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(1, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f01 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(2, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f02 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(3, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f03 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(5, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f04 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(8, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f05 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(13, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f06 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(21, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f07 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(34, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f08 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(55, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f09 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(89, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f10 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(144, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f11 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(233, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f12 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(377, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f13 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(610, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))
f14 = f_pos_na(f_lr_falling(987, low_extreme, high_extreme, ha_step))

plot(title='+1', series=r00, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+2', series=r01, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+3', series=r02, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+5', series=r03, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+8', series=r04, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+13', series=r05, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+21', series=r06, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+34', series=r07, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+55', series=r08, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+89', series=r09, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+144', series=r10, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+233', series=r11, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+377', series=r12, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+610', series=r13, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='+987', series=r14, style=linebr, color=black)

plot(title='-1', series=f00, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-2', series=f01, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-3', series=f02, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-5', series=f03, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-8', series=f04, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-13', series=f05, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-21', series=f06, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-34', series=f07, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-55', series=f08, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-89', series=f09, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-144', series=f10, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-233', series=f11, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-377', series=f12, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-610', series=f13, style=linebr, color=black)
plot(title='-987', series=f14, style=linebr, color=black)
really cool stuff, thanks for publishing :)
Richardo - another great job. Did you notice in the tapestry there is a repeating un-plotted diagonal line pattern in the middle of each "diamond" shape? For example a look at 1996 and move upward along price to about 2002. The price pattern appears to be moving along a line that appear to be about halfway diagonally (thought the "middle" portion of the diamond). Once you see this one you can see it in many parts of the tapestry - some upsloping and some down sloping. In some places it would seem to just be a point of pause on the way up/down but either eay there might (or might not) be value in adding a plot to what you have created? Without changing anything about the current plot, would you be able to add this diagonal plot line (perhaps a different color to differentiate) and even if possible up sloping as green and down sloping as red as a suggestion? The combination of the existing plot and this add-on modification would seem to capture the fib-relationship you have plotted and perhaps and inter-relationship between the plots? Maybe if it does not add value there van be an option to turn it on/off?
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