Rider Algo #1: Anticipation

RiderAlgo Updated   
Now Trend Rider Algo 1: includes most of our indicators
- Trend Signals
- Trend Hunter
- Rider Band
- Div Labels
- Trend Strenght
- TR Fib Perspective

You can enable/disable each indicator on the the indicator setting.

The only indicators not included on Trend Riders Algo #1 are TR Sentiment and Trend oscillator
Release Notes:
Small fixes.
Release Notes:

Main focus was to make easier to follow trade actions and indentify warning signals.

Trend Signals Ind.
-BULL signal now has 3 levels: LIGHT BULL, BULL, STRONG BULL
  • Strong bull: +4 indicators bullish (safer as long as there is no overbought signal)
  • bull: +3 indicators bullish
  • light: -3 indicators bullish (riskier)
-Added Warning notes: RSI Overbought and Oversold message if an entry or exit appears at those levels.

Div labels
-Added a Bullish Divergence + Oversold level message (good for potential reversals)

Minor changes on settings panel
Release Notes:
Minor changes
Added design options for some indicators
-Take profits an bull dive color and size
- Support and resistance lines color and size
Release Notes:
Small changes on comments default colors and res lines width
Release Notes:
Added a fill color between the bar and the Rider Band to indicate when the price is overbought or oversold.

red fill = overbought
gren fill = oversold

RSI parameters can be edited on the indicator settings under the "Rider Band" options.

Please remove and add indicator to see the changes.
Release Notes:
small alert update
New alarm: "Potential Reversal" refers to the "Potential reversal" signal.
Release Notes:
Small visual updates
Release Notes:
Major Update:
- Added Zig Zag Lines for an easier detection of Pivot points. Please check the Zig Zag Box on the indicators setting to see it.
- Organized the Supports/Resistance on the indicators settings.
- Organized the "Display Indicators" on the indicator settings for an easier selection.

Please make sure to remove and add the indicator again.
Release Notes:
Major Update
Please remove indicator and add again to make sure you have the latest version.
- Added "Horizontal Support and Resistance Levels" to the indicator. It is a perfect complement to our current S&R lines as it focuses on pivot prices instead of trend or fibonacci.
- Added more visualization options for our Reversal and profit taking signals.
- Minor visualization improvements on the indicators settings Menu
Release Notes:
Small correction for previous version, please update indicator.
Release Notes:
Added a width option for the support and resistance horizontal lines on the indicator settings.
Release Notes:
Minor improvements:
- change "probable bounce" and "take profits" arrows for better mobile visualization
- added a transparency option for Rider Band in the indicator settings.
Release Notes:
change "Potential Reversal" title for "Probable Bounce"

A potential reversal signal is very similar to the probable bounce one, the only difference is that it occurs while the asset is oversold. So rather than a "reversal" i believe that a "bounce" is more appropiate
Release Notes:
Added golden zones , above and below Rider Band when an item is very oversold or overbought. This zones will appeare more often during extreme wicks, helping you to identify good levels to short/long, specially if those levels coincide with our support/res lines.
Release Notes:
Major update

Included new +Attention and M signals.

+Attention appears when momentum appears to be shifting and an asset is overbought or oversold.
M signal appears when momentum could shift but assets is not oversold.

Very powerful if used in combination with TP and bounce signals.

change color and sizes on indicator settings.

to see this update you may have to remove and add indicator again.
Release Notes:
-BEAR signals now works similar to BULL signal as it has 3 different levels (light , bear, strong)
Small changes on default colors.
Release Notes:
Added customization options:
- can change Rider Band colors now
- can change horizontal supp and res levels color and transaparency now
Release Notes:
Small update
Modified +Attention signals
When Bullish = Attention
When Bearish = Warning

Also added an emoji and reduced the overlap with the TP and PB signals.
Release Notes:
Major feature added: Pivot Trend Line

A new support and resistance trend line.

How does it work:
- New trendline looks for at least 2 HH or LL pivots. If the trendline is crossed then it dissapears.
- Lines are extended to the right so you can project at what price level it could break in the future.
- Orange Line= support trend line
- Blue line= resistnace trendline.

Recommendation: Use this together with the horizontal S/R lines, enable fib and trend line only analysis.
Release Notes:
minor update: increased distance between attention / warning signals and TP/PB signals.
Release Notes:
- Added color customizacion colors, now you can select a predefined master color or select the 2 principal colors for the chart and all subindicator will change colors.
- Now the "M" Signal will appear above bar if it is bearish and below if it is bullish.
Release Notes:
Added a background customization option on the indicator settings.
Release Notes:
Added new R/G neon version theme on the indicator settings, ideal for dark background.
Release Notes:
Minor update: - Modified the TR Fib Perspective support and resistance lines

Objective: charts will not shrink if when changing assets.

- Instead of displaying the whole channels lines, now will only display a small lines above/below last candle.
- By default it will only display lines above and below 30% of the actual candle price. (value can be modified on settings)
- if you want to see all the lines levels, there is a new option on settings where you can select "complete" instead of "near levels"

Release Notes:
Horizontal support and resistance update:
-Now chart will display by default the nearest levels to the price as a small line above/below price.
- the full line can be displayed, option is on the indicator settings.
- if you want to see all the lines as before, selecte "complete" on the the indicator settings on the support and resistance settings.

This updated together with the previous one will help to prevent the charts to shrink automatically while changing assets.

Release Notes:
Change the following alterts name:
Trend Signals Ind. Buy
Trend Signals Ind. Sell

Trend Signals Ind. BULL
Trend Signals Ind. BEAR
Release Notes:
Important update:
- New Super Signal indicator added
- Key Levels subindicator now included on algo #1 (will be removed from algo #2)
- Now you can edit the candle body colors from the indicator settings. body colors will not change if master colors change.
- Organization: Subindicators now divided into Trend Indicators and Anticipation indicators on the Algo #1 Settings.

About the Super Signal:

This subindicators seeks for confluence among our other indicators and signals a potential trade with red and green circles
- Red and Green Circles will above candle close
-🟢 : Bullish Trade Potential (up to 3 circles, the more circles the higher the confluence)
-🟠 : Bearish Trade Potential (up to 3 circles, the more circles the higher the confluence)

Make sure to keep using good take profits and stop loss practices. This is the first version of the Super Signal indicator, will continue making improvements and updates.
Release Notes:
New update:
1. Super Signal Alerts added
2. Trend Hunter view options
3. Fixed supersignal bug where signal dissapeared if the key levels sub indicator was not selected.

About Trend hunter
Now the chart will show Trend Hunter indicator only on the first candle where the signal confirmed. Green circle bullish, red X bearish. You can still see the signals on all candles if you wish on the indicator's settings.
Release Notes:
Rider band has been updated

- Signals added when band changes color from neutral to bearish and from neutral to bullish.
- Alert added for the same event
- Custom colors for Rider Band now available on Rider Algo #1 settings.

Release Notes:
Bug Fixed: Rider band did not dissapear when unselected
Release Notes:
Visual changes:
- Added Teal Color options to Master colors
- Warning and Attention signals appear now closer to the candles and the text "warning" and "attention" has been removed. Warning signals appear above candle and Attention signals appear below candle (as it did before this update)
Release Notes:
Take Profits and Probable Bounce Signals (and their "strong" version) update.

-Before, these 2 signals had a slight repaint rate. Now once the signals confirm it will not dissapear.
-By default the text above the signals will not appear, only the upward and downward arrows will. This can be changed on the indicators settings.
Release Notes:
We're thrilled to announce some significant enhancements to our Super Signal indicator. These are powerful updates that, to our knowledge, are unique in the world of trading indicators. They allow you to assess the effectiveness of signals for your chosen asset/timeframe in real time, helping you to make more informed trading decisions based on data.

Here are the new features:

Accuracy Table for Super Signals – This table, which is hidden by default (enable it in settings), contains crucial variables to help interpret each signal:

# of SS: The total number of Super Signals across the entire history of the selected asset for the chosen timeframe.

Accuracy: The success rate of the signals as a percentage.

Avg Upside: The average maximum price the asset reached after a successful Super Signal over the next 15 candles, without touching the stop loss (the average minimum price for a bearish Super Signal).

Price Delta Criteria: The percentage price movement needed for a signal to be considered successful. This automatically adjusts based on the selected asset and timeframe. It's calculated using an average of the price variations from the 100 candles leading up to the Super Signal.

Suggested Stop Loss for Super Signals – This feature, also hidden by default (enable in settings), provides a recommended stop loss for each Super Signal.

Signal Highlighter – To help emphasize Super Signals, we've added a pointer above or below the candlestick (depending on whether it's bullish or bearish). This feature is hidden by default, so enable it in settings to make the most of it.

We hope you find these enhancements valuable, and they take your trading to new heights. As always, your feedback is appreciated. Happy trading!

Release Notes:
Bug Fixed.
Sometimes Super Signal was counted as successful on the same candle that the signal appeared. This is not necessarily incorrect, as you could have entered a trade when the signal first appeared, but decided to only consider movements after one candle instead of the same candle.
Release Notes:
Important update: Added Visual references for Super Signal's delta success criteria and average upside/downside.

Release Notes:

1. Added "B" Signal on algo #1 with stop loss and target levels.
2. Added 3 different layouts for the accuracy table, which now includes the "B" signals.
3. Added a new "Wick Protection Stop loss" feature for Super Signal and "B" Signal. This new feature seeks for past events on which a stop loss was hit by a candle wick and averages the size of those wicks, then it draws a line below (for longs) the suggested stop loss.
4. Added a new Manual Wick protection stop loss feature, now you can manually set a percentage to replace the "Wick Protection Stop Loss" Feature.

This represents another huge step towards our fact based trading vision.

Make sure to update the indicator.
Release Notes:
Small fix Algo #1: Super Signals Alert now works correctly.
Release Notes:
Alerts Update:
- Alert included for Bullish and Bearis B signal on Rider Algo #1.
- Probable Bounce and Take profits alerts removed.

Hi Riders, as our B signal are proven to be an invaluable asset on our trading arsenal we decided to make some room on our algo code and created alerts for the signals.

Moving forward we are planning a restructure on our indicators which should leave plenty of room to include all our alerts.
Release Notes:
Minor update:
- Circles on the Super Signal Indicator can now be hidden on the indicator settings.
Release Notes:
Rider Algo #1: Anticipation

The Rider Algo series undergoes a substantial update, reorganizing its suite of indicators based on their primary function:
- Rider Algo 1 #: Anticipation
- Rider Algo 2 #: Trend Detection
- Rider Algo 3 #: Key Levels
- Rider Algo 4 #: Oscillators

Rider Algo #1 Objective:
"Rider Algo #1: Anticipation" now hosts indicators aimed at preemptively signaling short-term price direction shifts, not necessarily trend reversals.

Included Signals:
  • Super Signals
  • RSI Limits
  • Take Profit & Probable Bounce Signals
  • Attention/Warning Signals
  • ATH & Trend Distance Table

General Changes:
Menu Reorganization: Menus within each indicator have been reorganized and streamlined for enhanced navigation.
Tooltips Addition: Tooltips have been added to primary indicators, providing quick insights into their function.
Signal Adjustments: The “B” Signal has merged with the Super Signal, now termed “Super Signal A” (original) and “Super Signal B” (formerly "B Signal").
Display Modifications: Signal names and sizes in default display boxes have been altered to enhance readability and reduce chart clutter.
Color Options Simplification: Master colors options have been simplified, allowing users to select 2 colors that will apply to all signals.

Note to Members:
This comprehensive update enhances the user interface and signal readability, ensuring that our suite of indicators is more intuitive and user-friendly. Your feedback is invaluable, and we encourage you to share your experiences with these new adjustments. Please reach out for support or to report issues, and we thank you for being an integral part of the continuous improvement of the Rider Algo series.
Release Notes:
Minor changes:
- Modified Signals position to reduce visual overlap.
- Accuracy table colors now change according to Master Colors chosen on the indicator settings.
Release Notes:
- RSI Limits Accuracy table added.
- RSI Limits and Super Signal now have an override Price Δ Criteria option for the accuracy table. Before, the Price Δ Criteria (price threshold(%) that a signal has to reach to be considered successful) was calculated automatically for each signal, now a manual override option has been added to the settings tab, so it can be customized and the accuracies can be recalculated accordingly.
- Both Super Signal and RSI Limits accuracy tables have now customizable size.
Release Notes:
- New: Mixed Info Table added.

This new table features a new and more convenient way to visualize the signals accuracies. The table also includes the current Macrotrend and two new metrics we've crafted for you.

The first one (Distance vs Divider Band) indicates the distance (%) between the current price and the current value of the divider band and the second one (Lagging Assets) indicates whether the current asset is Lagging, On Track or Leading regarding the Leading asset in that category.

This way, we can find investment opportunities taking into account that the gap between the assets is going to close eventually. This number represents the difference between (Leading asset's distance vs Leading asset's Divider Band) and (Current asset's distance vs Current asset's Divider Band).
Release Notes:
- Fix: Macrotrend calculation fixed for the Mixed Info Table
Release Notes:
-Fix: Updated source for NASDAQ info.
Release Notes:
Update: New Alert system implemented.
Release Notes:
Update: Added alerts for Attention & Warning signals
Release Notes:
Added Options for:
- Super Signal circle size.
- Super Signal arrow size.
Release Notes:
Rider Algo #1: Anticipation Fix
  • Removed Attention & Warning Signals for improved performance due to changes in PineScript compilation.
  • Attention & Warning Signals can still be found in the Rider Algo #4: Oscillator
  • To update the indicator you must first remove it, reload the browser and add it again to your layout.
Release Notes:
Algo #1: Anticipation Update

  • Attention & Warning signals brought back.


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