Jack Corsellis RS Line

Relative Strength line which shows a blue dot for new 52 week Relative Strength highs.
Release Notes: Jack Corsellis RS Line Rev 1
Release Notes: New update.
Consistent 52 week blue dot high on daily, weekly and monthly.
No blue dots intraday.
Release Notes: Revisions:
1. Added the ability to plot a simple moving average (SMA) of the relative strength line.
This default is OFF (not displayed) and can be toggled ON (displayed) within the options.
The default SMA length is set to 50 days and can be configured within the options.
Release Notes: Updated chart screenshot
Release Notes: Updated screenshot
Release Notes: Added Red Dot Low on Daily, Weekly and Monthly timeframes. No red dots will be displayed on intraday timeframes.
Default look back period for lows is set to 52 weeks.
Indicator settings allow for this period to be configured, visibility of dot to be toggled and appearance to be changed.

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