This system design for you in order to make you money :) I hope...
1. the donochian channel is based on color of high and low price (easy to see where the bars exist)
2. resitance and support are drawn by bolinger system (black and red dots)
3. buy and sell are based on volume model (B and S ) with alerts
4. when PSAR and the buy or sell are in agrreement this are called strong buy or sell points shown in green and red trinangle
5. you can use stop loss or take profit based on system in volume model

using the system very easy and I hope you make noney on it either shorting or longing
I normaly use 1 hour and 30 min charts . you can try another time frames if it work to you
the code is open so you can modify , chane or do what ever you want with it
Release Notes: change the typo in line 252 and 253 . as it was written up when its need to down and vice versa
Release Notes: v4
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hi, buy/sell signal that base on the volume (thats repaint?) i can work with triggers on buy/sell on volume or best on strong buy/sell?
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plotshape(downn, title="up", at 252 I made stupid mistake please make it down so you will not get wrong signal
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Great indicator, unfortunately the alerts are unusable I keep getting false alerts at ar close because of repaint, is that something fixable ?
Great indicator! Thanks so much for sharing.
Thank you, it is much appreciated, thank you as well to the fact that you keep the code open.
RafaelZioni Carl2021111
Great one, love it. Thanks Rafael. Save lots of uncertainty