Trendespresso Multi-Timeframe Potato Signal

• Initial release on April 26, 2021
• Triple Confirmation Potato Signal

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Release Notes:
• Removed email contact
• Replaced external links with TradingView ones
Release Notes:
• Added a "Confirmed Signals Only" option whereby the User does not need to wait for a candle close; signals are immediately actionable since they are confirmed prior to printing on the chart
Release Notes:
• Overhauled generation method of multi-timeframe data arrays
• Added "Include Smallest Calculatable Timeframe" option to automatically populate the smallest accurate timeframe on the multi-timeframe label
• Added "Remove Duplicate Timeframes" option for the multi-timeframe label
• Refined "Confirmed Signals Only" to close on the same candle as normal signals (waits to populate with a confirmed signal 100 ms before candle close)
Release Notes:
• Updated screenshot
Release Notes:
• Fixed an issue where the breakout label and the most recent triple confirmation didn't agree when "Confirmed Signals Only" was selected
Release Notes:
• Fixed a bug where the last timeframe overwrote all other timeframes on the breakout label when 'Confirmed Signals Only' was enabled
Release Notes:
• Updated screenshot
Release Notes:
• Updated "Confirmed Signals Only" logic, ensuring signals print on the same candle as Normal
Release Notes:
• Reduced runtime and computer resource requirements for filtering out inaccurate timeframes
• Fixed a bug where changing Timeframe 1 (Signal) didn't result in any change
• Fixed a bug where timeframes did not order according to User's preference
Release Notes:
• Added dynamic color to the label text
Release Notes:
• v2.1
• Added version tooltip to the very top Input option ("Preset Inputs & Appearance")
• New Feature: Hover your cursor over the label to view the tooltip. Shows Wolfpack and MLB values for each User-selected timeframe
• Changed default Timeframes
Release Notes:
• v3.0
• New label tooltip feature:
• Fixed a bug where a timeframe could color differently than its Triple Confirmation state
• Re-wrote static variables to try and improve runtime
• Re-wrote looping logic to try and improve runtime
• Re-wrote label logic to try and improve runtime
• Updated tooltips to be more helpful and informative
• Removed "Remove Duplicate Timeframes" option
Release Notes:
• v3.1
• Significantly cleaned up the Inputs tab
• "Confirmed Signals Only" is ON by default
• Revised and added comments for other coders
• Removed Potato Signal options (they would mess up the intended use)
• Removed conditions for deleting labels thereby speeding up Pine's "garbage collection"
• Removed debugging code
Release Notes:
• v3.2
• Updated the Wolfpack logic to be more accurate using a pseudo Taylor Series
• Fixed a bug where "Confirmed Signals Only" label text wouldn't match with the correct text color
Release Notes:
• v3.3
• Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes
• Heavily revised the `security` functions price and Indicator calculations
• Fixed an issue where conflicting Triple Confirmation states for the same larger timeframe could appear on the label
• Revised Wolfpack and MLB readout text, adding the proper sign – or +
Release Notes:
• v3.4
• Updated the Moving Averages Labels
Release Notes:
• v3.5
• New Feature: "Include 4x Size Timeframe" option (in line with Potato's Strategy)
• Added Moving Average length to each Moving Average label tooltip
• Cleaned up the Moving Averages logic
• Plan to remove the "Ribbon" and to update the "Papadiche Trend" in a future update unless others object
Release Notes:
• v3.6
• Added the Potato Signal to the multi-timeframe label tooltip
Release Notes:
• v3.7
• Added the "Order Timeframes Smallest to Largest" option to the Inputs tab
• Fixed a bug where the 1 Minute timeframe wouldn't work
• Added beta support for the timeframes measured in Seconds
• Removed beta ideas
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