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This script has list of indicators, filters and signals, which you can combine in a single automatic trading bot.
Some indicators are used as trading signals (listed below) in non-usual manner.
And also you can combine them with indicators-filers, to filter these signals.
(overbought/oversold lines, rising/falling values of different indicators etc.)

As a Constructor - you can make a combination of available indicators, so it can be configured for any currency and any timeframe.

How to trade:

In the backtest below I made conter-trend strategy.
With such settings:
- Currency: MANAUSDTPERP , 15m TF.
- Enable only Short trades
- Enable "Use Accumulation Areas" (it's means now price in the Accumulation )
- Enable "TWO MAs" filter (with "Opposite trend" option )
(So it open trades on conter-trend moves)

How to find new profitable settings:
There are thousands of possible combinations.
Enable signals/filters which you want and in which you believe more.
Configure/tune settings for these filters - and make backtests. A lot of backtests.
If you find some interesting settings or ideas on how to use the strategy - then please send them to me, I will also test them..

Currently the strategy has :
- Visualisation for Signals, TP/SL, Indicators
- Time filter for Backtesting
- Long/Short trading options
- Static TP/SL
- 16 Filters (they allow or not allow orders during some period)
- 6 Signal Indicators (almost as Filter, but they allow order only on 1 current bar )

As a Signal you can use:
- Highest/Lowest bar for last "XX" bars
- Accumulation BreakOut
- TWO MAs color change, crossing
- CMF Cross with Line
- BOP Cross with Line
- QQE signals

As a Filter you can use:
- ATR Volatility
- Volume filter
- SuperTrend
- Price in Accumulation Areas
- TWO MAs Trend
- Channels Keltner or Bollinger
- RSI in Range (Multi-TimeFrame)
- RVI in Range (Multi-TimeFrame)
- MFI in Range (Multi-TimeFrame)
- CCI in Range (Multi-TimeFrame)
- Momentum in Range (Multi-TimeFrame)
- SMIO in Range (Multi-TimeFrame)
- CMF in Range (Multi-TimeFrame)
- BOP in Range (Multi-TimeFrame)
Release Notes:
Added Multi-TimeFrame functions for SuperTrend and MA Ribbon indicators.
Release Notes:
- Added "Signal Memory". After the "signal" from some indicators - order can be started after receiving second signal from more indicators..
(not only on one current bar where the signal is receives).
- Added additional signal indicators "Price Action - Candlestick Patterns".

Some settings for the strategy you can find here:
Release Notes:
- Optimised Speed of the strategy.
- Fixed some small bugs with new indicators.

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Release Notes:
Added optional signals with MACD indicator.
1. MACD Cross with Level = 0
2. MACD Cross with Signal Line
Release Notes:
Added CLOSE Conditions
- Close with QQE Signals
- Close with Parabolic SAR Signals
Release Notes:
-- Removed restrictions for high parameters in the "Consolidation Zone" indicator.
Release Notes:
-- Added indicator "Linear Regression Channel" as source of Signals and as Close Condition.
Have two options to start trade at Breackout or Rebound from bands.
Release Notes:
Added option to set Breakeven Stop Loss if current profit reach percent you want.
Release Notes:
Updated function "Breakeven Stop Loss". You can set %% of profit you want to keep if "Breakeven" is activated.
Release Notes:
Added Multiple Take Profits. (TP1 - TP4)
Release Notes:
- Added option to choose direction of order for Channel Indicator.
You can select Breakout of bands or Rebound from bands.

- Added Minimal Distance (in %) for Orders (if Pyramiding is Active).
Release Notes:
Added options to start New Reverse-Order after Stop Loss and Breakeven.
(ex. If we got Long SL, then strategy opens new Short order.)
Release Notes:
Added Channel Indicator (Keltner/Bollinger) as Close Conditions.
Added option "Close only in Profit" for Close Indicators.
Release Notes:
- Added options to connect External Indicators as source of data!
You can add any indicators (even closed source) to your chart,
and in our strategy you will be able to get and use data from this indicators.
(use it as Filter to open new orders)
Release Notes:
- Added option to Show All Signals on the chart. Even if the order in the same direction is already opened.
You will see all bars where strategy would open new orders.
Show only the last ~100 signals.

- Added Trailing Stop option!
Trailing stop is a dynamic stop loss! The trailing stop follows the asset price rise in long positions
and the fall in short positions, at a predefined distance.
If the price changes trend, the position will be closed, thus ensuring a profit percentage.
WARNING: Trailing Stop function can show Unreal-Good backtest results with some conditions.
If TimeFrame is big (15m and more), and if percentages in these settings are small (< 1%) then
backtesting results can be not real.
Make tests with caution.

- Added Indent Order.
You can set Indent in % from the current price (where we have got the signal) to execute the Order.

- Added "ATR Stop Loss"
You can set SL value as Multiplier to ATR.
(so SL will follow current market conditions. SL will be more if market is more volatile )

- Added "Pin Bar + MA" Signals.
(Go long if got Long Pin Bar + Trend is UP (based on different MAs) + Pin Bar pierces the MA line.)

- Directional Movement Index (DMI) as Filter.
DMI is used for identifying trend strength over time.
It has 3 lines, DI+, DI-, ADX. You can use any of the lines to filter your order signals.
(make orders if trend is enough strong, or weak)

Donations are appreciated:

Join our small Telegramm Community @testing_tradingview_chat
where we discuss the best settings and options of the strategies.
Release Notes:
- Fixed Bug with Trailing Stop function.
Release Notes:
- Added "ATR Take Profit"
You can set TP value as Multiplier to ATR.
(so TP will follow current market conditions. TP will be more if market is more volatile )

- Added options to Use Wicks or Not Use Wicks for "ATR SL" and "ATR TP".
Release Notes:
- Fixed small bug with ATR TP
Release Notes:
- Fixed small bugs and typos.
Release Notes:
- Added function "Close By Time Since Order".
Allows you to close the order (optionally only in Profit) if since order time is passed more than XX bars.
Release Notes:
- Added backtesting block by Day of Week.
Release Notes:
- Added Divergence from different indicators as source of Signals.
Release Notes:
- Added Levels as a Filter for orders execution.
Release Notes:
- Added new option CLOSE order by reaching the LEVELS
(Close existing Long order if price is near the Resistance Level, etc.)
Release Notes:
- Added new option Close by RSI
Release Notes:
- Added function More/Less Price or ATR. (Price or ATR is Higheer/Lower on Y % than XX bars ago).
- Fixed bug with MultiTimeframe option for "TWO MAs" module.
Release Notes:
- Added new option "Block if Worse Than".
It does not permit the order if the Current Price is worse by more than XX% compared to the Previous bar's closing price. For Long: make order if now price is higher then on previous bar, but no higher than on XX%. For Short: make order if now price is Lower then on previous bar, but no Lower than on XX%.
Release Notes:
- Fixed small bugs.
Release Notes:
- Fixed bug with Multi Take Profit
Release Notes:
- Fixeb bugs with SL for Indent orders
Release Notes:
- Fixed bug with Breakeven function.
Release Notes:
- Added second SuperTrend option. You can enable second indicator on different TimeFrame.
Release Notes:
- Added Multi TimeFrame feature for Channels Indicator (Keltner/Bollinger)
(So you can open/close orders based on Channels from different timeframes.)
Release Notes:
- Fixed small bugs.
Release Notes:
- Added new function - Signals on RSI Cross with Level line.
Release Notes:
- Added function - Two Moving Averages.
Works as a Filter (check if price is > or < of the MA), and also as a Signal Source (MA1 crossing MA2)
Release Notes:
- Added additional indicator Stochastic Oscillator.
Works as a Filter (check value of %k line in the range), and also as a Signal Source (%K crossing some levels or %K crossing %D )

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where we discuss the best settings and options of the strategies.

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