MoT - [Elite] - Retail Money Tracker


This specific Indicator the Retail Money Tracker uses Data from multiple sources to determine where "Retail Money" which is retail traders, hedge funds etc are actually allocating funds and where they are becoming active. This can be a great indication/confirmation of money flow between asset classes in the retail minds.


In this example we have the EURUSD forex pair Daily chart .


The main chart has Whipp Candles integrated in to the main candles and we have our Market Sentiment Data Panel which shows you overall sentiment in the market for the current Forex pair (Institutional Sentiment and Retail Sentiment).

We also have our ProMovingAverage which has been calculated by way of how Institutional Traders trade and some of the settings they use. We have gone one better and added a future projection! The ProMovingAverage is an advanced moving average that does away with lagging all together. Supports SMA , EMA , RMA, HMA , Wilders EMA , Smoothed MA , WMA and Jurik Smooth.

Below the main chart we have three additional indicators.

The first indicator is Force Ticks which shows the underlying direction of volume , amazingly showing you if Smart Money is accumulating or distributing.

The bottom two are incredibly powerful indicators taking multiple data sources from various brokers and other major data providers like CME etc to identify where Smart Money (Institutions) and where Retail Money (Retail Traders) are placing their orders.


At "A" we can see on the Smart Money Tracker that Institutions are becoming heavily active in Forex markets. The Force Ticks indicator has turned Bullish breaking its downtrend and on the Chart we have a Bullish cross of the ProMovingAverage and Whipp Candles are turning Bullish .

At "B" we can see Smart Money and Retail money losing interest in Forex and our Force Ticks are turning Bearish . Whipp Candle are also losing power as is visibly evident.

At "C" on the Smart Money and Retail Money trackers we can see interest starting to grow again in Forex (rightly so after a compressive triangle forming). Then we have price and the Force Ticks working together. Force Ticks clearly identify volume and volatility as bearish (this is retail shorting the market as best as they can), however, price gradually grinds higher as Smart money have been accumulating. Whipp Candles back this up and we have a powerful break out North!

"D" is the Break Out confirmed by Whipp Candles and our variation of Force Ticks.


Many Thanks and Trade Safe!

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