Rider Algo #2: Trend Detection

RiderAlgo Updated   
This indicators serves to:

  • Easily detect Support and resistances
  • Detect trend channels
Release Notes:
Updated Channel colors green to red scale.
Release Notes:
TR Fib perspective rebranding to Trend Rider Algo #2

- Added a New Feature: RSI extremes
- Find TR Fib perspective inside indicator settings
- New indicators will be added on this algo
Release Notes:
As requested by our members:

- Added colors an opacity options for TR Fib Perspective
- Added alerts to detect when an asset is oversold/ overbought (above/Below RSI limits blue and orange lines(
Release Notes:
small correction on oversold alert
Release Notes:
Added All time high table and refence. To disable it just go to indicator settings and uncheck Show ATH table.
Release Notes:
Added a new sub indicator: Volume profile.

Waves indicate how much volume was traded at an specific price. horizontal line indicates the highest volume (HVL). When current price is above HVL lines is orange as it acts as support, when price is below HVL line is blue as it acts as resistance.
Release Notes:
Small update:
Added the option to display rsi overbought and oversold limit lines separately.
Release Notes:
Removed Trend Strength indicator from TR Algo #1 and added it to Algo #2.
Release Notes:
-Added our new Trend Divider Band to our Rider Algo #2
- Added alert option for bullish/bearish Divider band crossover

Release Notes:
A new sub indicator has been added: "Trend Continuation Strategy"

Objective: Signal potential longs and shorts on the same direction of the current trend.

Basically the idea is to catch bounces during a bull trend and rejections during a bear trend.

The key difference with our take profits and bounce signals is that TP and PB usually goes against the trend, so this "Continuation Strategy" is a perfect complement.

Very important:
- Set and stop loss before entering. VERY IMPORTANT for this indicators, do not aim to catch a big trend shift as this signals bounces/rejection only.
- Secure profits early.

Notes about the indicator:
- Red Candle: Pontential Short
- Green Candle: Potential Long
- Pay attention to the first candle that changes color, that is the leading signal, if you miss the entry and a second candle appears with the same color you can enter trade but only if the candle is on a better position versus the leading candle (ejm: for a short if a second candle appears above the leading candle then is a better risk/reward)

Release Notes:
minor update
Release Notes:
Added a buy/sell signal when there is a RSI line cross.

Use this as reference to start looking for a potential trade.

Release Notes:
Major update:

----New "Key levels" indicator added.----

Indicator looks for swing and internal pivot points on the chart and draw colored boxes.
light green: Bullish Pivot
green: Strong Bullish Pivot
light red: Bearish Pivot
red: Strong Bearish pivot.

- Bullish Pivot are good areas to start looking for longs.
- Bearish Pivot are good areas to start looking for shorts.

----Divider Band ----
- Reduced default transparency
Release Notes:
minor update
Release Notes:
- added color customizacion colors, now you can select a predefined master color or select the 2 principal colors for the chart and all subindicator will change colors.
Release Notes:
Added a new Red and Green neon theme and the option to change key leves transparency on the indicator settings.
Release Notes:
Made changes to the ATH table

Now it displays distance to All time high AND percentual distance versus Divider Band lower limit.

Release Notes:
minor fix to new table
Release Notes:
Made modifications on the Key Levels subindicator

Now by default it will only show the nearest key levels , if you want the complete key levels just go to the indicator settings.

This change will help to avoid chart shrinking when changing assets.

Release Notes:
New Features:

Divider Band
- Now changes color when 21WEMA goes over 200dsma.
- Can change both uptrend and downtrend colors on the indicator settings.

Rsi Limit
- Signal now appear closer to price.

Key Levels
- Removed from Algo #2, now available on Algo #1
Release Notes:
Rider Algo #2: Trend Detection

🎯 Objective:
Engineered to adeptly identify shifts, and ascertain the vitality or decay of prevailing trends

🔔 Included Indicators:
  • Bull/Bear Signals
  • Trend Strength
  • Trend Hunter
  • Rider Band
  • Divider Band
  • Impulse Colors
  • Divider Band Crossover Bars
  • Moving Average Master

🔄 Stability Maintained:
While each sub-indicator retains its core functionality, unveiling no direct changes, a meticulous reorganization of the options menu underscores our commitment to delivering a seamlessly navigable user interface.
Release Notes:
Moving Average Master update.

1) The Moving Average Master now includes another layer, which can be disabled in the indicator options.
2) An option was added so that the Moving Average has transparency in the options, and by default, it is set to 50%.
3) The color scale was reordered.


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