Smarter Money + ABC [Beta]

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This is My version of Smarter Money + ABC

Release Notes: Added quicker alerts.
Release Notes: Added a couple of bug fixes and a divergences detector
Release Notes: Added lots of new features.
* FVG = Fair Value Gaps.
* OB order blocks
* Fibonacci predictions
* Better alerts
Release Notes: Added Naked opens.
More options for the alerts.
Faster entries
and open entries.
Release Notes: ABC Confirmed
Premium & Discount
FVG Meter/
Release Notes: decreased the number of lines for lower timeframes.
Release Notes: Removing extended lines for the Range filter
Release Notes: Bug fixes and better ABC patterns.
Release Notes: Added Alerts System
Added placeholders
Added MTF trend finder.
Release Notes: Added the start of a Backtester
Release Notes: version number 0.6
Release Notes: Testing a min RR value
Release Notes: * PIPS input wasn't show.
Release Notes: Alerts System test
Release Notes: * Added a couple of anti repaint options.
* Added a buffer to FIB.
Release Notes: I haven't stopped coding all weekend and today.
I will be 100% honest I haven't been able to test everything so I expect bugs and hidden gems.

Therefore, I suggest NOT removing the old version until you are happy with everything.

Things I know :
* The Trialing SL is RUBBISH/JUNK/TRASH (I spent hours coding it but decided to move on and try again later in the week).
* The Quasimodo looks AWESOME (thanks marco, steve and scoper)
* I haven't had time to test fully the alerts system so be careful. I will be running a ton of bots on the 10 second timeframe tonight so I can test.

OTHER than that there is a lot of new features. I will do a video tonight for tomorrow on YouTube and a livestream on Wednesday (Probably earlier because they tend to go on 3 hours now).

I will create a clean thread to post ideas & bugs.

Thanks to you all for you the support and help.


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