SOLANA Performance & Volatility Analysis BB%

The script provides an in-depth analysis of Solana's performance and volatility. It showcases Solana's price, its inverse relationship, its own volatility, and even juxtaposes it against Bitcoin's 24-hour historical volatility. All of these are presented using the Bollinger Bands Percentage (BB%) methodology to normalise the price and volatility values between 0 and 1.

Key Components:


SOLANA PRICE (SOLUSD): The price of Solana.
SOLANA INVERSE (SOLUSDT.3S): The inverse of Solana's price.
BITCOIN 24 HOUR HISTORICAL VOLATILITY (BVOL24H): Bitcoin's volatility over the past 24 hours.
BB Calculations:
The script uses the Bollinger Bands methodology to calculate the mean (SMA) and the standard deviation of the prices and volatilities over a certain period (default is 20 periods). The calculated upper and lower bands help in normalising the values to the range of 0 to 1.

Normalised Metrics Plotting:
For better visualisation and comparative analysis, the normalised values for:

Solana Price
Solana Inverse
Solana Volatility
Bitcoin 24hr Volatility
are plotted with steplines.

Band Plotting:
Bands are plotted at 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% levels to serve as reference points. The area between the 40% and 60% bands is shaded to highlight the median region.

Colour Coding:
Different colours are used for easy differentiation:

Solana Price: Blue
Solana Inverse: Red
Solana Volatility: Green
Bitcoin 24hr Volatility: White
Licence & Creator:
The script adheres to the Mozilla Public Licence 2.0 and is credited to the author, "Volatility_Vibes".

Works well with Breaks and Retests with Volatility Stop

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