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1. Every trial request access has to be done through my website.
2. My website URL is in this script signature at the very bottom (you'll have to scroll down a bit and going past the long description) and in my profile status available here: Daveatt
3. Many video tutorials explaining clearly how all our indicators work are available on your website > guides section and on our Discord forum.
4. You can also contact me directly for more information regarding the trading method included in the indicator or how to access it

II. Forewords

Algorithm trading has THE ambitious goal to reduce the number of decisions we have to make when trading.
It's so much easier to get a signal whenever all indicators are converging rather than monitoring each one individually.
Even better when that convergence has been found by experienced quant traders - so that our subscribers only worry about managing their trades according to our trading method.

💎 We don't only provide scripts.
💎 The entries and exits are based on our trading method we've built over years across many asset classes (including cryptocurrencies)

Feel free to check us out for more information (links in my profile or signature below)

This indicator is for the SWING FOREX and CRYPTO traders looking for fixed entries based on a trading method designed by 2 experienced traders.

We designed this framework for :


- FOREX: All FOREX pairs

It includes :
- our proprietary method with fixed entries
- a hard exit system (built-in stop-loss)
- 🔔 Compatible with dynamic alerts for TradingConnector, Profitview, Autoview, 3commas 🔔
Dynamic alerts are bringing automated trading to a whole new level. The third-party solutions capturing TradingView alerts are able to use them.
- (optional) we let the users decide to use or not our built-in Trade Manager.
Regardless of the Trade Manager is used or not, one must mandatory exit, once a vertical hard exit bar appears.
- the Algorithmic Supports and Resistances used as safeguards and take profit zones.

Final words

We made it as simple as we could (to be honest it's a very simple system for the end-user) - even with several hundreds of calculations in the indicator.

Please hit me up for any questions/feedback/comments

Become the BEST trader that you deserve to be
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
- Updated alerts for MetaTrader 4/5
Release Notes:
- Metatrader MT4/MT5 quick fix
Release Notes:
- Version 3.2: Optimized algorithm
Release Notes:
V3.6 - now fully compatible with backtester premium engine
Release Notes:
- Version 4.0
Tons of optimizations for trade manager and alerts
Release Notes:
Version 4.2
Added stop-loss data from the entry signal
Release Notes:
Updated alerts data
Release Notes:
Added the Trending cloud
Release Notes:
- V4.5 Fixed the TP alerts
Release Notes:
- V4.6
Removed the Pullback Mode
Removed the Expert Mode
Release Notes:
V4.7 - Optimized system for the Swing signals
Release Notes:
V4.8 - Added the hourly/H1 algorithmic trading engine
Release Notes:
V4.9 - Merged the Algo Stocks/Crypto/Universal into the Algorithm Builder Universal
Release Notes:
V4.9 - Fixed a small issue
Release Notes:
V5.0 - Added the helpers for pullbacks and re-entries without signals
Release Notes:
V5.1 - changed the text colors for the helpers
Release Notes:
V5.2 - Removed the helpers and added the leading trend information available in the data window and for CSV export
Release Notes:
- V5.3 optimized the plots
Release Notes:
V5.4 - Added the high-reward flags and alerts
Very useful to screen the more profitable setups across hundreds of assets/timeframes
Release Notes:
- V5.5
Added the super high reward labels
Enabled the Cloud MA1 and MA2 in the Data Window
High Reward and Super High Reward have consolidated and distinct (Long, Short) events
Release Notes:
High and Super High Rewards Signals and Alerts reserved now to VIP 3 and 12 members
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
V5.6 - Added two new algorithms for the 2-hours and 4-hours timeframes
Release Notes:
- Updated the Leading Trend MACD for H2 and H4 timeframes
- Added an optional custom entry price to update manually your entry price - used to update the real-time analytics from the P&L panel
Release Notes:
V5.8 - Added the option to select the Pullback EMA
By default set to EMA 30
Release Notes:
V6.0 - Updated entries for the 5 minutes and 15 minutes trading algorithms
Release Notes:
- Improved the leading trend for the Universal engines with the timeframes 2 minutes/5 minutes/15 minutes/30 minutes/1 hour/2 hours/4 hours
- Added custom alerts to detect any LONG ENTRY or any SHORT ENTRY event
Release Notes:
V6.2.1 - Fixed an issue with the SHR not captured on the secondary entries
Release Notes:
V6.2.1 - Fixed the SHR signals
Release Notes:
**Version 6.3**

- Brand new entries for the 2 minutes (crypto), 5 minutes, 15 minutes
- those new signals are sooner compared to the previous ones, while keeping a very decent level of low-risk
- don't forget to re-create your TradingView alerts for all concerned asset classes :)
Release Notes:
Fixed something weird I noticed in the code
Not sure of the impact but it had to be fixed
Release Notes:
Version 6.5

Added the new alert placeholder

Create only ONE alert per security and capture the Buy/Sell/Hard Exit/TP1/TP2/TP3/SL events

The alert features automatically applied the once per bar close/once per bar filter from the code now

To use it, create an alert with the Any alert() function call option as shown below
Release Notes:
Fixed an issue where the TP alerts fire without being selected
Release Notes:
V 6.6

Fixed the alert message text in the new consolidated alert() functions
Release Notes:
v 6.7

Users can now update the shape/size of the high reward/super high reward visuals
Release Notes:
Version 6.9
Added the external connector for the Super High Reward signals
Release Notes:
V 7.0
Added the custom text inputs for the alerts using the alert() function
Screenshot: imgur.com/a/fJcqT0o

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