Williams Vix Fix Bollinger Band

Williams Vix Fix Bollinger Band
Release Notes: bugs fixed
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Hi, ceyhun.

do you know when to place short order based on this indicator ?

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ceyhun zhenSignal
@zhenSignal, thanks .. col = WVF >= upper ? lime : WVF <= lower ? red : gray
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Ceyhun, thanks for your work on this but am I looking at this wrong, because it seems from your comments and the code that green is buy and red is sell but on the charts I have viewed it seems that green bars usually are a good time to sell and red bars are a great time to buy? TOTAL2, BTCUSDT.
Hi I would like to combine your indicator with supply and demand is it the green bars that show support if so what are the grey and red bars telling me?
One of the best indicators, a synthetic vix. Great addition to some other indicator. Only the green colour is a bit dull, I use a brighter one. Many thanks!
Hi ceyhun,

Would you be so kind as to explain how to use this indicator?

ceyhun vbirbrayer
@vbirbrayer,Hi Bollinger Bands upper green color buy,
however it is important to get support as indicated by the arrow.
@ceyhun, Thank you for the reply... when I add the indicator to my chart... I don't see any arrows as you show in your chart? Anything I need to do to get them?

Thanks again.
ceyhun vbirbrayer
I drew the arrows: D
Support and resistance green color
@ceyhun, Thank you for your replies... I'm not sure I understand your reply.. Do you mind to elaborate what does "34/5000" mean and "Support and resistance green color"

Thanks again...