HEAVI - HawkEye Aggregated Volume Indicator

This is combined Aggregated BTC Exchange Volume by Neobutane with HawkEye volume clone indicator by LazyBear.

Indicator includes aggregated raw BTC volume from 9 user selectable fiat and tether exchanges + Exponential MA + hawkeye bar coloring where: green is bullish volume , red - bearish and white - volume neutral to the market:
Release Notes: 1. Remover Bithump since it's volume is considered non reliable by Coinmarketcap
2. Added EUR, GBP, JPY pairs
3. Added option to exclude from calculation corresponding BTC pair.
4. There is a TV bug that doesn't display a whole volume history if some pair was added later than date intended to be analysed by operator eg, if you want to watch older data you should exclude all secondary pairs that were added later and switch off "newer" exchanges like Binance.
5. Precision of scale now by default is set to 0, which gives special formatting for large numbers - thousands are displayed with the ‘K’ and millions with the ’M’ suffix, which prevents large numbers from needing a lot of chart space.
Release Notes: Added option to switch off HawkEye volume bars coloring.
Release Notes: Fixed bug of not displaying volume bar in traditional coloring system when current close price was same as on previous candle. These volume bars will be marked with white color.

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