Anchored VWAP+

This indicator is an enhanced version of the Anchored VWAP indicator with additional functions:

1. Anchored AP (average price). It removes the volume weighting step in Anchored VWAP, and can display the average price over a period of time. For example, if the price of the stock in the last 3 days is 100, 200, 300, then AP is their average value of 200
2. Anchored AC (average cost). The average cost over time can be displayed. For example, if the price of the stock in the last 2 days is 100,300, then AC is (1+1)/(1/100+1/300)=150

When using the indicator, you need to choose a starting point, then the indicator will start to calculate the subsequent VWAP, AP and AC from this starting point, and draw 3 lines in the graph

These three lines can be regarded as the average cost line of the market, with potential support and resistance effects

We have filled the shadow between VWAP and AP, which can be regarded as a potential support resistance band


该指标为增强版本的Anchored VWAP指标。在Anchored VWAP基础上增加了额外功能:

1. Anchored AP。其去掉了Anchored VWAP中成交量加权的步骤,可以显示一段时间的平均价格。举个例子,假如股票最近3天的价格为100,200,300,那么AP为他们的平均值200
2. Anchored AC。可以显示一段时间的平均成本。举个例子,假如股票最近2天的价格为100,300,那么AC为(1+1)/(1/100+1/300)=150


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