ICT - Time Theory (Kill Zones & Midnight NY & GMT)

This script helps you to mark the following automatically instead of doing it every day:
  • Midnight GMT ;
  • Midnight NY;
  • Asia Session;
  • London Open Kill Zone;
  • New York Open Kill Zone;
  • London Close Kill Zone;

This helps if you trade intra-day with this ICT concepts.

It draws a horizontal lines instead of painting the background. (There is a limitation of around 50 vertical lines per script)
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Thank you again, been using this script and relying on it. Hope you allow to change the killzone name, I might want to plot custom session.
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DOnt know if im the only one..but even setin trading view to UTC-4, NY time...the NY00 label is shown one hour off...its marks 1.00AM...not 00.00...i live in europe..im usually 6 hours ahead of NY..and even setting my local time it shows NY 00.00 at 7.00AM...should be at 6.00...am i missing something? great sharing nonetheless, cheers ;)
Great tool, thank you so much! If you still working on something, please make it possible to lower Midnight tags, because when you make the window smaller it hides them :P
Can you share how to overlap text on a killzone I did one in the chart where it shows the boxes for killzones and I cant figure out how to add text to the boxes please :)
Thank you for sharing