TBO Backtesting Strategy

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The TBO Backtesting Strategy is the TBO Indicator equivalent but gives you the ability to backtest data on different charts.

How Does This Work?

You will initially see the original settings for the TBO, those are unchanged and will feel familiar. Below that is where the backtesting options come into play.

There are two sections: BUY & SELL


Checking a buy option means you are now including that buy trigger as an additional BUY signal. If you have LONG checked, then only the TBO LONG signal will be sent to open a buy order. Likewise, if you have LONG and CLOSE SHORT checked, both of those will be sending buy orders in the backtest.


The SELL section offers the ability to toggle sell orders. Additionally, you are able to specify what KIND of relationship it has with the buy orders. By default, each sell order has a direct relationship to its counterpart buy signal:

Example 1:
BUY: LONG Signal
SELL: SHORT Signal || Mapping: "Long" || Result: Will close LONG orders

Example 2:
SELL: TBO SELL Signal || Mapping: "CLOSE SHORT" || Result: Will close CLOSE SHORT orders

Example 3:
BUY: LONG Signal
SELL: TBO Sell || Mapping: "Long" || Result: Will close LONG orders
SELL: SHORT Signal || Mapping: "All" || Result: Will close ALL orders

Example 4:
BUY: LONG Signal
SELL: SHORT Signal || Mapping: "LONG" || Result: Will close LONG orders
SELL: TBO Sell || Mapping: "CLOSE SHORT" || Result: Will close CLOSE SHORT orders

Hopefully, you get the idea buy now. You can map the closing orders to different buy orders to find the best types of entry and exit points.

Please note this is invite-only and requires an active Poobah Crypto Services subscription. If you are interested in using the strategy or TBO Indicator please visit the website in my signature below. Thanks!
Release Notes:
Added Short Logic
Release Notes:
Some closing orders were clashing with both LONG & SHORT directional trades. Update now fixes this issue.
Release Notes:
Minor backend update.
Release Notes:
Changed default initial account value to 500 and order size to 100 to reflect a $500 account with a $100 order size. Comments have been added to orders to help improve order identity.
Release Notes:
Added lookback window.
Release Notes:
Made different input sections easier to see.
Release Notes:
Changed the Green X and Red X names to Cross Up and Cross Down to match TBO Indicator names.
Release Notes:
Added quick Scalping section & Hide TBO option.

No support via Tradingview chat.
Release Notes:
Roll back.
Release Notes:
Added stop loss and take profit options.
Release Notes:
Added order size for leverage positions. Example - I am using 10x leverage on a normal order size of 100. I change my order size in Tradingview to 1000. Also change the order size in settings to match for accurate TP and SL calculations.
Release Notes:
Updated TP and SL to be more accurate at the expense of Order names.

Increased backtesting window data to 2000 from 2017.
Release Notes:
Added DHP volume scalping option:

This idea was generated by our very own Dradian. Hats off to him.

2 Modes:

Static: Choose your volume

Multiple: Set your volume Moving Average and your multiple factor - aka 20 MA x 3.

Release Notes:
Minor Updates
Release Notes:
Minor updates to DHP.

Release Notes:
-Updated the naming convention to make it easier to read corresponding labels.
-Added Unicode text to help simplify labels
-Changed Breakdown shape to a circle
-Removed Calculate on Fill and every Tick by default

No support via Tradingview chat
Release Notes:
  • Removed Short S/R
  • Added RSI filter for Open Long/Short
  • Added Take Profit % Long/Short
  • Added Take Profit % Long/Short alerts
  • Minor internal changes
Release Notes:
Cosmetic update to include Tradingview's new grouping settings.

Changed the StopLoss % to now have separated %s for Long/Short

No support via Tradingview chat
Release Notes:
New Alerts for the TBO Strategy Backtester

  • Up to 8 conditions per alert
  • 3Commas friendly syntax
  • Auto switch for Open Long / Open Short for 3Commas
  • DHP can now be used as open conditions
  • New Lite mode helps improve performance by limiting plot history

Update Video / Please watch for guidance on how to implement the alerts: youtu.be/absuaVMcIVU

Just as a friendly reminder, we don't provide trading advice, help with trading strategies or provide assistance with automation of the TBO. These things are left to the user. Thank you
Release Notes:
Minor Bug fix:

If you intend on using the TP or SL options, please make sure to turn on "Recalculate: After Order is Filled" to help reduce wandering %

This update will change how the entry orders look. Before they would show at the close of the bar, however now they will show on the open of the next bar (which is the same as close of the bar most of the time unless there is really low volume, but either way it performs the same as the time between the close of the bar and the open of the next bar is almost instant). The alerts still fire at the same time, it's simply a visual difference.
Release Notes:
Minor Update:

Fixed a reported bug where TP/SL was affecting the opposite position side: ie SL Short was affecting the long position. This should now be fixed
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