Stochastic RSI Heat Bollinger Bands

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This indicator is based on a combination of the famous Bollinger Bands and the Stochastic RSI indicator.

Bands are dynamically colored (and filled) with a RGB color composed by red and green values, directly generated from the average Stochastic RSI current value.
By default, colors represent the following status -> green zone is overgought & red zone is oversold.
A screener is also displayed on the chart, representing StochRSI K and D lines values, RSI value, as well as the current status (Overbought/Oversold) of the StochRSI and RSI indicators.

The heat color and the screener status are both based on the average value between the K and D lines (for stochastic RSI based heat)
Bands can be disabled in options to use this indicator as a simple moving average colored by the Stochastic RSI heat color.

  • Various moving average types (SMA, EMA, SMMA, VWMA...)
  • Inversion of colors between overbought and oversold status
  • Enabling/disabling heat color on bands / basis line and bands background color
  • Show/Hide the screener
  • Color source can be modified to base the heat on the RSI instead of the Stochastic RSI value
  • Standards Bollinger bands, Stochastic and RSI parameters


Feel free to suggest any improvements in comment.
Release Notes:
  • Diamonds representing oversold and overbought situaitons has been added to the top of the chart. This option can be disabled in parameters
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