Astro: Celestial Body Channel Lines

This is fork of the previous Astro: Planetary Channel Lines indicator that now includes over a dozen different celestial bodies, made possible after the most recent update of the AstroLib library.

Celestial Body Channel Lines is an approach to financial astrology that involves using the positions of the celestial bodies to predict trends and patterns in the stock market. The idea behind celestial body lines is that the positions of the bodies in the sky at the time of a market event can significantly influence that event.

The celestial body lines approach involves mapping the bodies' positions onto a stock market graph, with each body's position representing a specific line. These lines are thought to indicate areas of support and resistance, as well as potential turning points in the market.

This indicator includes geocentric/heliocentric celestial body lines on the chart for up to two bodies, price scaling & vertical offset, mirror/inversion switch, retrograde highlighting, and aspect recognition with customizable precision.

Made w/ ❤ by @BarefootJoey ✌💗📈
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