Library "lib_risk_management"
a lib to help with dynamic position sizing

position_size(risk, account_balance, entry_price, sl_price)
  calculate the position size required to meet the account size based risk given when the stop loss is triggered
    risk (float): percentage of account balance to risk (1-100)
    account_balance (float): account balance in instrument currency
    entry_price (float): entry price
    sl_price (float): stop loss price
  Returns: the position size in instrument currency that will loose the given risk percentage of the account balance when a stop loss is triggered

account_balance(to_currency, live)
converts the (current(default)/initial) account balance to the given currency at the daily rate
    to_currency (simple string) The currency in which the account balance is to be converted. Possible values: a three-letter string with the currency code in the ISO 4217 format (e.g. "USD"), or one of the built-in variables that return currency codes, like syminfo.currency or currency.USD.
    live (bool) converts the current account balance (strategy.equity) (default:true) or otherwise the initial capital (strategy.initial_capital)
  Returns: the (current/initial) account balance converted to the given currency with at the current daily rate
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