RSI, Stoch, DMI Stoch / By Mochero

With this indicator, we seek to find convergence of RSI , Stoch and DMI for purchases or sales.

Search Buy when,
-Rsi over sold
-Stoch over sold
-DMI Over sold

Search Sell when,
-Rsi oon purchased
-Stoch on purchased
-DMI on purchased

Suggested values
Rsi: 4
Stoch: 5.1.1
DMI: 10.3

Suggested time, 5M 15M
Release Notes: -Second Stoch is added.

-3 types of signals are added, with RSI, Stoch, DMI. They indicate possible reversals or changes in trends.

Suggested values
-RSI 4
-Stoch 1 (5,1,1)
-Stoch 2 (14,1,1)
-DMI (10.3)
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