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An imbalance is created when the order block creates such impulsive volume in the market that it throws off the equilibrium between buyers and sellers, forming a gap. This is referred to as imbalance or FVG. These gaps act as a magnet for price to retrace to, in order to correct the disturbance in market equilibrium.

Imbalances = FVG

This image above shows you how an imbalance is created in the market using 3 candles. As we all know, candle sticks represent a specific time-range - for example: 1H. This means that inside 1 candle stick, there are 60 1 minute candle sticks resting. What I'm trying to say with this is that you get a totally different picture when you are on the lower timeframes. An imbalance can be overlooked, so it can be very helpful to have the multiple timeframe Imbalances on your screen, so you understand what is actually going on in the bigger picture.

Focused on combining with SMC:

When trading SMC, Imbalances can be great for POI's (point of interests) or using as targets in the market. Imbalances work like magnets in the market. When the market is imbalanced, it mostly wants to balance those gaps and can sometimes react perfectly from the area's. Besides that, it can really give you an idea who is in control at that moment.

Here you can see an example of an Imbalance when on the 1H timeframe - in the next picture below you can see the exact same imbalance, but then on the 3M. Now you understand why it can be overlooked?

So, imbalances/ FVG's:
- Increase probability of certain Point of Interests
- Can be a sign of strong interest in price areas
- Can be used as targets
- Can be used as POI's

What makes this Imbalance indicator different?
The Sonarlab MTF Imbalance indicator makes it possible to show up to 3 higher timeframes, which makes it easier to do your analysis and spot these areas when trading.
Release Notes:
Premium Imbalance Finder v1.0.1
- Added Volume and Gap Imbalances, in addition to the Fair Value Gap
- Added option to set the mitigation level
Release Notes:
- Imbalances now update and re-size with live price action
- Minor changes and bug fixes
Release Notes:
- Fixed Bearish Imbalance not extending
Release Notes:
- Fixed issue with "remove mitigated" setting
Release Notes:
New update
  • Added Balanced Price Range (BPR)
  • Fixed Volume Imbalance bug
  • Minor changes

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