APEX - Buy Strategies

This the first version of the script i forgot VWAP but ill add it soon but not tonight :)
Release Notes: Bugfixing - thanks @jcrypt
Release Notes: Fast Bugfixing will check if i fin errors tonight:
- enhance UI Overall
- SRSI was rewritten to APEX specifics
Release Notes: Added TSL/SL/TP functions colour coded Labeled: (big thanks to JustUncleL and his scripts)
- Dark Red = Stop Loss Hit
- Green = Target Profit Hit
- Purple = Trailing Stop Hit
Release Notes: Source fix to match APEX
Release Notes: Fix APEX source consistency -> i hope you see the SELL meme :D


ETH: 0x09396D8D78aC690f67F0a819CC08AF559F72c672
BTC: bc1qlzsh6q6m6vm2y72flq86w3zla97hc7jv9fay49
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