Regularized Volume Zone Oscillator FSVZO

Regularized VZO

Vanilla in link below

White noise and 1 confirm auto divs included

Release Notes: Cleaned auto momentum shifts and divs ,appears after close now.
Divs and Fractals now are less frequent and more accurate ,optional white noise columns produce stronger confluences
Release Notes: Cleaner signals , no offset/lag for automatic signals, adjusted regularization
Release Notes: Little more polishing
Release Notes: Div, trend shift improvements ,visual changes(experimentations)
Release Notes: Updated color coding
Release Notes: Cleaned inputs and code
Release Notes: Added take profit hue for high risk area detection
Threshold for ob/os sensitivity controler
Release Notes: update to coloration
Release Notes: :)
Release Notes: :)
Release Notes: Add alerts on bullish / bearish divergences, show more divergences and trend shifts.
Release Notes: had typos in divergence alerts hehe
Release Notes: add alerts for trendshifts
Release Notes: removed securities(), which wasnt used either way, a relict
Release Notes: update divergence calculation and add divergence filtering option to only use extremities
Release Notes: add new alerts for when divergences close on up bars / down bars
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