Profit-sync script for Trexen

There are various scripts and indicators on Tradingview, but not many of them combine theories to improve the profitability of an indicator using settings from multiple time frames.

This script takes the Average True Range trailing exit idea to enter trades. Many other ideas have been tested to filter entry signals which may be weak or not profitable such as a second ATR with Higher TF, MFI /VFI, RSI , Momentum wavetrend, Weis Wave, MACD , Stochastic etc, but I felt the following works best:

- Over the ATR entries there is a directional filter very similar to Renko candles which can be set to a higher time frame, I use 4 hour with 15 min candles for example, this will only allow 15 min buy signals to execute if the 4 hour is also on the buy side.
- There is also a Trend directional filter which can be set to a higher/lower time frame, currently I am using this on allow setting to allow more trades

The higher both filter are, the more accurate the trades will be, but less frequent. The filters convert entry signals into exit signal which can be used as take profit point with alerts if there is a position open.

The overall theory is to follow trend and to exit with profit. I have tested different take profit alerts but think it’s better to either catch a whole price move or sell with a set trailing limit order at like 0.4/0.5%.

As I am trading BTC with a bot and not with TA I think it is good to get in on a trend reversal, follow the trend up and get out quick with profit. There is a lot of manipulation with crypto so things like Momentum indicators and money-flow may not represent what is actually happening in the market.
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