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The Momentum Dream Indicator with Risk Management is really two powerful indicators combined in one.

The Momentum Dream Indicator is a volatility and momentum indicator that measures the relationship between the Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels to help identify consolidations and signal potential breakouts.


  • Green Arrow = Post Squeeze Buy Triggered = GREEN ⇧ shows squeeze out on upward momentum (often a good time to buy)
  • Orange Arrow = Post Squeeze Sell Alert = ORANGE ⇩ shows squeeze out on downward momentum (often a good time to sell or NOT buy)
  • Green Dot on Chart - Day one of the buy zone
  • Green Shading - Buy Zone
  • Pink Dot on Chart - Day one of warning zone
  • Red Shading - Warning zone. Often a good time not to buy or to consider selling.
LABELS (Color Indicates Direction):
  • Momo Up / Down = Current momentum direction.
  • Squeeze = Squeeze is on and squeeze line dots are red.
  • Dots = number of day or bars the squeeze has been in red(on)
  • Squeeze Fired = Green or Orange arrow shows squeeze fired direction.
  • Stacked = Fibonacci 8, 21, 34, 55, 89 EMA are stacked up or down
  • Dark Red = Extra Squeeze (In & Out)
  • Red = Original Squeeze (In & Out)
  • Pink = Pre-Squeeze (In)
  • Yellow = Pre-Squeeze (Out)
  • Green = Bollinger Bands are officially outside of Keltner Channels
There are multiple ways the Momentum Dream Indicator can be used.
1. Buy/Sell during the squeeze (generally lower volatility and lower option premiums)
2. Buy/Sell when the squeeze fires to catch the breakout (volume/volatility often increase)
3. Use Buy/Sell Zones with other signals for entering positions
4. Use Momentum to assist with position direction
5. Use fading momentum to tighten stops or close positions.

* The labels only show when certain criteria are met. For example if a squeeze fired the label only shows on that day but the indicator arrow will always show. For this reason the labels on the chart above will vary from day to day and only alert you when needed. :)

Risk management is a vital part of investing and this indicator provides 2 recommended positions sizes. One based on the classic 1-2% risk rule where you never risk more than X% of your account. A second based on position size not exceeding X% of your account.

The Risk Management Indicator does all of the hard math and provides you with a realistic trading plan, position size, and trail stop based on your customizable criteria. If you’ve ever wondered how much of a stock to buy, when to sell and when to take profits this indicator is for you!

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Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Updated to V5

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