Invest-Long : Script for quick checks before investing

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A simple script to verify RSI , SMAs , VWMA , and Pivots on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly time frames.

In case if you are not interested in SMA's or want to add different cheks -- simply copy the script to local and edit.
Happy investing.

Add the script to any chart and table values remain the same irrespective of current chart resolution, as it checks on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly time frames.

The table has multiple columns.

1st column checks on RSI value on all 3 timeframes. Ideally, look for all green and D>W>M
2nd Column: Check current Close is above 20 SMA and 50 SMA on Daily / Weekly / Monthly time frames
3rd Column: Check SMA 13> SMA 34, SMA 34 > SMA 55 and SMA 20 > SMA 50 on Daily / Weekly time frames
4th Column: Check Current close is above Weekly Pivot and Monthly Pivot . And also verify Close is above 4 Week High.

5th Column: Verify Close is above Daily VWMA . Also Daily VWMA is > Weekly VWMA and Weekly > Monthly.

// Similarly you can add more checks based on different time frames

Feel free to trouble me incase if need help.
Release Notes:
Updated Title to Longterm Investing as many friends are not able to search current name

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