scaled.orders [highwater]


There are multiple tools that allow you to place "scaled orders" on your exchange, namely Alertatron and Bybit Tools. This script is based on some Alertatron features, but you can use it for any grid like order placing strategy. Even if thats not your thing it's an example of how to use arrays in pinescript.

FROM PRICE - is the price to start your orders.

TO PRICE - is the price your orders will end.


LINEAR - will distribute orders evenly between from and to price.

EASE IN - will cluster orders closer to from price, then start to widen the gaps as you move closer to to price.

EASE OUT - will have wider gaps near from price, and start to cluster near to price.

EASE IN OUT - will cluster orders near both from price and to price.

COUNT - number of orders in each scaled order.
Release Notes: fixed a error in the loop, now the orders will fill all the way to the "to price".
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