RSI Multi Alerts MTF

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This indicator won't plot anything to the chart.

Please follow steps below to set your alarms based on RSI oversold and overbought levels:

1) Add indicator to the chart
2) Go to settings
3) Choose up to 8 different symbols to get alert notification
4) Choose up to 4 different timeframes
5) Set overbought and oversold levels
6) Once all is set go back to the chart and click on 3 dots to set alert in this indicator, rename your alert and confirm
7) You can remove indicator after alert is set and it'll keep working as expected

What is does:

This indicator will generate alerts based on symbols, timeframes and RSI levels settings.

It will consider overbought and oversold levels to alert in each symbol and each timeframe selected. Once these levels are achieved it will send an alert with the following information:

- Symbol name ( BTC , ETH, LTC)
- Specific RSI level achieved (e.g: RSI 30, RSI 70 or any custom level)
- Timeframe (e.g: 5m, 1h, 1D)
- Current symbol price

This script will request RSI OB/OS information through request.security() function from all different symbols and timeframes settings. It also requests symbols' price (close).
Due to Tradingview limitation ( 40 requests calls) it can only request information for 8 symbols for this script (8 symbols X 4 timeframes = 32 + 8 symbols' price (close) = 40 )

Standard symbols are Binance USDT-M Futures but you can choose any symbol from Tradingview.
Standard timeframes are 5m|15m|1h|4h but you can choose from a list.
Standard overbought and oversold levels are 70 and 30 but you can change it to other integer values.

Feel free to give feedbacks on comments section below.

Release Notes:
minor fix in conditions
Release Notes:
Input name changes
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