Murrey Math Lines

Murrey Math Lines
Release Notes: bugs fixed
Release Notes: updated @Nanda86
Sürüm Notları: Added alerts "When price crosses any MM levels" and also added alert when octaves changes during the course of the day and other minor code updates..
Release Notes: P – Imminent Bearish reversal
P – Extreme Overshoot conditions, can reverse anytime
P – Overshoot conditions
P – Ultimate resistance, extremely overbought conditions
P – Weak level, place to stop and reverse
P – Strong pivot reverse
P – Top of trading range
P – Major support/resistance pivotal point
P – Bottom of trading range
P – Strong, Pivot, reverse
P – Weak, place to stop and reverse
P – Hardest line to fall below, oversold conditions
P – Oversold conditions
P – Extreme oversold conditions, can reverse anytime
P – Imminent bullish reversal

updated on user recommendation
In order to facilitate trading MML it would be very beneficial to highlight a few areas by filled background colour

Oversold Zone ( - )
Balance Zone ( - )
Overbought Zone ( - )
Release Notes: fix

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