All-in-one SMT Indicator

The script will plot the following EMAs:

9, 21, and 200 EMAs (denoted as "fast", "slow", and "slowest")

The user will be able to choose what color and format the EMA will be in, as well as the periods

The indicator's primary purpose is to look for areas of potential momentum shifts (i.e. ema crossovers). However, this indicator is unique in that it will only give a signal if 2 other criteria are met along with "fast" and "slow" EMA crossover.

The criteria are as follows:

A "sell" signal will be generated if a bearish ema crossover occurs while 2 other confirming conditions are present. Alerts are configurable.

A "buy" signal will be generated if a bullish ema crossover occurs while while 2 other confirming conditions are present. Alerts are configurable

The script will also plot Previous HOD, previous LOD, PM high, PM low, and current high/current low levels.

There is also a functionality to allow the user decide what market hours alerts will be triggered during (i.e. 9:30-16:30)

Additionally, the script will plot up to 10 supply and demand zones
- Each can be enabled/disabled individually

Automatic support and resistance levels are built into the script and dynamically shift with price. Older levels levels leave a label so the user can manually mark them later.

There is an integrated take profit/stop loss with alerts. These can be disabled/enabled at will

Alerts for "buy" and "sell" signals are configurable for ANY time frame.

A chop filter has been added which can be toggled during choppy conditions to prevent false signals.

There is also an option to enable an EMA cloud (can adjust color and opacity)
Release Notes:
Fixed "fast EMA" and "slow EMA" being swapped in the input tab
Fixed SL and TP labels not appearing for Sell signals
Release Notes:
Removed "Buy" and "Sell" under SMT alert arrows
Release Notes:
Added the ability to define all 3 EMA colors
Release Notes:
Added Unusual Volume
- Configurable volume alerts for any time frame
- Volume multiplier threshold in 0.5x increments
- Ability to choose what hours unusual volume alerts/signals display
Added Opening Range/ORB capability
- ORB for ANY time frame
- User can choose the colors of the upper/lower opening ranges
- User can set alerts for when price crosses the upper/lower opening range for any time frame
Release Notes:
Increased signal accuracy by adding 4th criteria (added to SMT dashboard as well)
VWAP color can now be changed
Auto support and resistance labels are now accurate to the cent
Supply/Demand zone height can now be defined by the user
Default opacity now set to translucent for EMA clouds
Grouped script settings by category for improved usability
Release Notes:
User can now enable signals/alerts for all EMA crossovers (and define the EMA periods)
PR signals will now display only during specified trading hours
Release Notes:
Fixed code for 4th signal criteria (less signals omitted now - will match SMT dashboard)
Added offset option (in minutes) to ORB levels
Release Notes:
Fixed issue where PR signals were tied to EMA cloud
Release Notes:
Ability to change arrow size on buy and sell signals
Ability to individually toggle key level labels on/off (PMH, PML, etc.)
Trend based candle coloring (akin to the same idea as heiken aishi, but not changing candle type)
PC (Potential Continuation) signal added for additional conviction (*still being tailored for accuracy*)
Kernel Regression Line (additional trend guide, typically falls inside the EMA cloud)
Information labels (hover over the "i") added for every single function of the indicator to provide a built-in tutorial
Release Notes:
Added alert functionality for PC signals
Release Notes:
Fixed groupings for arrow size and chop filter in indicator settings
Release Notes:
Speed improvements
Support and Resistance settings now properly labeled
Release Notes:
Updated to allow support/resistance labels to be toggled by the user
Release Notes:
Added "long" and "short" text to signals.
24 hrs of signals are now enabled by default (change tradinghours interval if needed)
Release Notes:
default support and resistance lookback period is now 15
Release Notes:
Added code to use "plot" functionality alongside "plotchar"
Release Notes:
Changed EMA thickness to 1
Release Notes:
Added SL Lines on most recent PR Signals
Release Notes:
Significant performance overhaul
- loading times significantly decreased
- removal of PC signal (will be released as a standalone script in the future)

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