ck - CryptoSniper Longs Only (Strategy) v1

Hey all,

This is a new script I have been working on and is in Beta testing stage.
It is best used for scalping 1/3/5/10/15 minutes.

Default settings are great for scalping, changing the “Period” will allow you to tweak for swing trades.

To use manually, you will get a Green triangle to alert you to be prepared to place an order.
This will happen 1 candle before the strategy paints an “open long” label on the chart.
Release Notes: A couple of important bug fixes which I hope will prevent most, if not all, indicator repainting issues, additionally I have tidied the code up a little!
Please remove the old version of the indicator from your chart and save the chart layout, then add this new version back on and save your chart layout.

You will know when you have the latest version as the indicator name on the chart will change from “ck - CryptoSniper Longs (S)” to “ck - CryptoSniper Longs (S) v1”

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