ck - CryptoSniper Longs Only (Strategy) v1

Hey all,

This is a new script I have been working on and is in Beta testing stage.
It is best used for scalping 1/3/5/10/15 minutes.

Default settings are great for scalping, changing the “Period” will allow you to tweak for swing trades.

To use manually, you will get a Green triangle to alert you to be prepared to place an order.
This will happen 1 candle before the strategy paints an “open long” label on the chart.
Release Notes: A couple of important bug fixes which I hope will prevent most, if not all, indicator repainting issues, additionally I have tidied the code up a little!
Please remove the old version of the indicator from your chart and save the chart layout, then add this new version back on and save your chart layout.

You will know when you have the latest version as the indicator name on the chart will change from “ck - CryptoSniper Longs (S)” to “ck - CryptoSniper Longs (S) v1”

Protected script
This script is published closed-source and you may use it freely. You can favorite it to use it on a chart. You cannot view or modify its source code.
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Hi! Can you share the code of cryptosniper long only (strategy) V1)?If possible, please let us know
tt1202 tt1202
I try to use 3commas DCA BOT to test its actual benefits
@tt1202, please check my other scripts and you will see it was republished to share the source code! =)
tt1202 ChrisKaye
@ChrisKaye,3-minute repainting is still obvious
repainting is not fixed.. beware.. this is number one problem with all of these types of indicators.. Repaint equals bad indicator..
ChrisKaye theccinc
Hi thanks for your comment.
Repainting is still an issue on the 1min chart it is particularly noticeable.
I have been real-time/testing testing all day and it is significantly improved on the 3min timeframe.
I encourage everyone to test for themselves.
Also, you don’t have to solely rely on this one indicator but can use it within your existing strategy as a confirmation indicator!

Thanks for the feedback.
theccinc ChrisKaye
I am just giving heads up to others as well not to rely on this.. I have checked 3 minute and 5 minute as well and left my desktop and came back and recorded the signals.. did a page refresh and bad signals went away and left the one good signal..

Sorry,, not trying to be a bearer of bad news.. but one cannot use this for scalping or bot use..and you might as well take out the stategy testing but that is useless with repaints..
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Thanks! Will give this a go!
If you get a message saying “limit is reached” this is a bug with TradingView, set your chart to 1min timeframe.
Best results seem to be at 1min all round :)
Perfect for bitmex sniping!
Cryptooyster ChrisKaye
@ChrisKaye, Thanks Chris but how to use it in my tradingview account